Atlas Contractor Pay

Consolidate your global contractor data.

Atlas brings your international third party contractor information into a single space. We allow you to keep track of contracts, invoicing and payments flawlessly across borders. Meaning you can more effectively manage—and align—your global contracting strategy.

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Atlas Employer of Record

Contractors vs. Employees

Global expansion can be expedited by taking on contractors. Employees are entitled to benefits, vacation, and other automatic rights. Contractors are self-employed, so you have fewer responsibilities to them.

One system for global contractor management

Atlas enables you to manage contracts and contractor payments from a single, unified, platform. Wherever in the world you contract third party workers, all their data is stored within one safe, secure, easily accessible platform.

Atlas Employer of Record
Atlas Employer of Record

Custom-made contracts

Our contract administration service flexes to your specific needs. We’re able to draft detailed, specific contracts, onboard your workers and pay them. Plus, we take into account local contractor legislation—so you’re always compliant.

Remove the barriers to global contracting

One-click payment approval

Processing payments to multiple contractors around the world couldn’t be simpler.

Contract creation, onboarding and management

We’re set up to handle the entire contracting process, leaving you free to focus on operational strategy.

Detailed reporting, simply conveyed

Our platform dashboard gives you access to worldwide contractor data from a single space.

Compliant with global contractor legislations

We continually update our on-the-ground compliance knowledge and advise you, so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your contractor agreements.

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