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The days of trawling search engine results for country-by-country compliance data are over. With Atlas, you only ever need to access our platform to bring your global HR knowledge up to date. Our presence in over 160 countries means we’re the first to market with HR news, insights and updates from those countries.

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Atlas Employer of Record

Up-to-the-minute employment data

When you expand into new countries, it’s essential that you remain compliant with local employment legislation and taxation requirements. Atlas offers a veritable encyclopedia of insights, so you can consolidate your search for up-to-date compliance data to a single, reliable, expert source.

Breadth of knowledge

Our ever-growing in-platform reference guide covers all aspects of human experience management—HR, employee relations, employment law, tax, global mobility, and more. When it comes to international talent information, we’re the only source you need.

Atlas Employer of Record
Atlas Employer of Record

First-to-publish commitment

Our specialists research changes on the global employment landscape daily. As a business, we’re committed to a first-to-publish agenda on relevant international insights.

Ask an Expert

You can speak directly to one of our Legal & Compliance Managers about your expansion strategy—whether you’re a registered Atlas client or not.

Atlas Employer of Record

Remove the barriers to global contracting

Country Labor & Employment Laws

Discover everything you need to know about employment law, global mobility and taxes in an array of countries.

US State Labor & Employment Laws

Learn more about local state laws to prepare for your domestic expansion.

Latest News

Stay ahead of global business and HR developments in any country that interests you.

Country Comparison Tool

Quickly and easily compare compliance information between countries side-by-side to make more informed decisions.

Downloadable HR Templates

Boost your speed to market by accessing templates for the entirety of the employee lifecycle.

Ask An Expert

Speak with one of our local Legal & Compliance Managers to get answers for your questions today.

Mobile App

Access on the go by downloading the app from the iOS and Android app stores.

Resource Library

Use our comprehensive industry library for all your business expansion information and research needs.

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Our team of regional experts are here to support you with your global expansion plans. If you have any questions, just get in touch and we will be delighted to help.