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Affygility Solutions - Helping a Leading Toxicology Service Provider Grow Worldwide

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Published: 01 Feb 2022

Industry: Occupational Toxicology, Industrial Hygiene‍ 

‍New Markets: Brazil and United Arab Emirates 

Key customer benefits:

  • Reach new markets 

  • Ensuring global compliance 

  • Powerful and simple onboarding 

  • Access to real time data 


Affygility Solutions is a market leader in providing occupational toxicology and industrial hygiene services, training, and insights to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. 


Affygility Solutions wanted to expand its footprint globally, hiring talent in new markets to drive growth. It needed a trusted partner capable of handling onboarding, payroll, and regulatory requirements for new talent in Dubai and São Paulo. The Affygility Solutions team quickly realized they’d need to enlist the support of a partner to ensure compliance in Brazil and the UAE. 

While a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) could support some of their needs, the team understood that a Direct Employer of Record (EOR) would be necessary to support the complexities of their global expansion plans. 

"We didn’t have the expertise required to hire people overseas and needed a one- stop solution that could cover everything from payroll to health benefits to regulatory compliance and more."

Dean Calhoun
CEO, Affygility Solutions 


Affygility Solutions manages its international employees with a powerful and simple onboarding, payroll and regulatory compliance platform. The company’s current infrastructure integrated the Atlas platform to seamlessly onboard, manage, and pay new talent. It allowed access to real-time data, helping Affygility understand the legal, cultural and compliance requirements of Dubai and São Paulo. 

Our first-of-a-kind, AI-enabled technology platform has proven to be vital during financial audits. It allows the team to download historical payroll information and provide the audit team with relevant and timely data. 

Atlas’ end-to-end technology platform has been essential in guaranteeing that vacation, health, severance, and salary packages are structured correctly, adhering to local HR policies. 


"I spend less than 15 minutes a month on the payroll for our international employees, which is incredible. From making an offer to hiring someone in Brazil took less than three weeks."

Dean Calhoun
CEO, Affygility Solutions  

Global Compliance 

Global compliance was a crucial aspect of Affygility’s expansion into new markets. The team now regularly collaborates with Atlas to ensure that all employee paperwork is up-to-date and in line with local and global compliance mandates. 

Localized Expertise 

Comprehensive tax, salary, and regulatory information about Brazil and the UAE were necessary when hiring and maintaining talent. The Atlas Direct EOR model means support is on the ground and can provide the latest relevant information to Affygility on Brazil, the UAE, and any other market they choose to hire local talent in. 

A Culture Fit 

Affygility is a fully remote company. Partnering with Atlas, which also has a flexible work model, made sense. We understand the culture and the support required to partner with and hire a remote workforce.