Charting the Course for Tomorrow’s Workforce: Atlas Builds Out Its Executive Team

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Atlas helps innovative companies like yours to expand, onboard, manage and pay international teams in 160+ countries.

Published: 28 Feb 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting labor practices, Employer of Record (EOR) services are becoming critical for businesses that want to compete on an international scale.  

The growing recognition of the value of EOR services in the modern business landscape is evident as the value of the global EOR market continues to grow exponentially. 

Founded in 2015, Atlas has been at the forefront of the EOR revolution.  

As the first and only 100% direct Employer of Record on the market — which means we directly own and/or operate all 160+ of our legal entities globally — Atlas has forged a new path for international businesses looking to unlock global talent with speed, ease, and in full compliance with local laws and regulations. 

As we look towards our next decade of growth and how we continue to lead the way forward for the global EOR industry, it’s clear that we need the right people with the right expertise on our team.  

That’s why, over the past couple of months, Atlas has strengthened its executive team with some key hires that will drive our priorities into the next decade and beyond. 

While the adoption of EOR services is mature in North American and western European markets, other regions are yet to fully embrace the opportunity offered by these services. There is a huge amount of untapped talent to unlock in all corners of the world — the key is to raise the profile of the EOR industry and educate these markets on the potential of partnering with an EOR. 

In November, Atlas was delighted to welcome Mike Hogan to the Atlas team as our new Chief Revenue Officer. Mike leads all revenue-related functions within Atlas, including marketing, sales, client success, pricing and revenue enablement. He brings a commendable track record from his diverse background that includes notable stints at Oracle, Alight Solutions, and Korn Ferry.  

Known for his decisive leadership, Mike emphasizes the importance of excellent customer service within a consultative sales environment. One of Mike’s key initiatives is to focus on expanding our EOR services in both established and underserved markets, understanding the local and cultural nuances of these distinct regions and unlocking the vast amounts of talent that exists.  

In an era of heightened regulatory scrutiny, compliance with labor laws and tax regulations is paramount for businesses operating across borders. EORs are well-positioned to assist organizations in navigating this intricate landscape by ensuring adherence to local statutes and standards, but for clients, it’s imperative to trust that your EOR partner is also operating in full compliance with the local laws of the regions they operate in.  

In February 2024, April Savino joined the Atlas team as our new Chief Operating Officer. April brings tremendous operational, financial, and customer experience to her role, as well as a rich background in global HR and payroll operations, service delivery, and total workforce solutions. With a laser-focus on operational excellence and quality across the company, April is uniquely qualified to drive accountability and will align Atlas’ world-class service delivery with industry-leading best practices to build on and secure our leading performance in the market.   

Leveraging advanced technology such as AI-driven compliance platforms, EORs of the future will offer even greater transparency and efficiency in managing regulatory requirements. With April at the helm, our clients are confident that operational excellence and dedication to global and local compliance will remain paramount for Atlas. 

With such massive growth predicted for the global EOR market, it's essential that Atlas sets itself up to continue our rapid pace of scaling, while also remaining nimble enough to take advantage of new opportunities that could benefit both us and our clients. Proper financial strategy and risk management, coupled with the agility to invest in the right services and technology for our clients, will ensure that Atlas remains a trailblazer in the global EOR and HCM industry.

To lead this, Patrick Donoghue joined the Atlas team in early 2024 as our new Chief Financial Officer. Patrick is an experienced CFO and COO, coming with experience from numerous SaaS and technology enabled services companies across various industries, both domestic and international. His experience in leading and developing high growth teams brings to Atlas the type of energy we need to continue our growth story and scale alongside our clients. 

That’s not all though!  

In addition to bringing in some of the best and brightest, we’ve also made some internal updates to our executive team to ensure that we stay ahead of the pack.  

Stay tuned for more updates!