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Published: 04 Dec 2023

Atlas Learning, a new partnership between Atlas and Coursera for Business, was launched recently to help our global worksite employees (WSEs) to develop their existing skills and learn new ones. Through Atlas Learning, over 9,000 courses are available to employees worldwide  in seven of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

With Atlas Learning, employees can learn and develop their skillsets by enrolling in specialised courses across different fields, including Artificial Intelligence, Data and Analytics, and Marketing. Through this innovate way of digital learning, employees will be able to grow and evolve with the continuously changing world of work.

Reskilling existing talents

Atlas Learning has helped Lia Turner, a Strategic Account Manager at Atlas, to develop her current skills. Lia has worked in Client Success for about 4 years now and, prior to this, she was in Global Payroll for several years. Most of her roles have been in the Global Payroll and HR space. She said, “Coursera is great. It is very user friendly and has so many courses. It helps you focus on the skills you want to develop, and even recommend courses based on your preferences.”

Most of the courses Lia completed were relevant to her current role, such as Power BI and Corporate Strategy. Some were focused on her own interests outside of her role, such as the course COVID 19 Contact Tracing and Dementia: Impact on Individuals, Caregivers, Communities and Societies.

Through spending two to three hours on Atlas learning on a weekly basis, Lia was able to work on her current skills, “whilst learning new ones”. This inspired and motivated her to apply her newfound skills to her current role, “I would say I am able to think outside the box and explore creative strategies to support my internal team and my customers.” One of the things she likes best about Coursera is the “flexibility to adapt your learning around a changing schedule”.

One course Lia said she really enjoyed was Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups by University of Colorado Boulder.  This course helped Lia to understand the key dynamics of team communication and how to utilize them to improve overall teamwork. As a remote employee, it is important to Lia that “group collaborations are positive and productive”.

Upskilling new talents

Ashwini Kokate is a Product Manager within the Product & Technology at Atlas. As part of her role, she worked on delivering Atlas Learning to users. Ashwini noted that, as a product manager, learning is very important to her as it is crucial to keep up to date with the latest trends in technology to be able to create and deliver viable and sustainable products.

In this day and age, technology and automation has helped her and other HR professionals “take care of the transactional part of global payroll processes”, which in turn, allows them to “focus on transformation strategies and organizational goals.” For these reasons, it is vital to learn how technology can be used to simplify and automate business processes.

Ashwini enrolled in mostly product management related courses . She noted that it was,”important for me to use my product consistently to see how well it works and where improvements can be made.” Based on WSE feedback, Ashwini hopes to continue to build on this, enhance features and improve the platform in future.

Through spending 30 minutes to one hour per week on learning, Coursera has helped her to “gain domain knowledge of Human capital management, HR analytics and how companies have automated onboarding and offboarding business processes.”

Development Opportunities

Atlas' partnership with Coursera provides all of our WSEs with access to world class digital learning wherever they are based. This not only helps them work on their business needs and career goals, but it also allows them to work on their own personal skillsets and interests.

Through Atlas Learning, Lia has been able to reskill her existing talents which has in turn helped her to support her team, and Ashwini has been able to upskill her own skillsets as a HR professional whilst learning the latest trends in technology.

Though companies have partnered with Coursera in the past, Atlas is the first and only Employer of Record service provider to partner with Coursera to help extend employees skills and development opportunities worldwide.