Empowering Global Workforce Solutions: Atlas Partners with HiWork

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Atlas is a global tech company that spans over 160 countries, offering expertise and software built for the future of work.

Published: 15 Mar 2024

Beijing, March 13, 2024 - Atlas and HiWork announced their strategic partnership, marking a pivotal moment in building a comprehensive human resources service chain to support organizations’ globalization journey. Mr. Yu Qingquan, Founder and CEO of Zhonghe Group, Mr. Zhang Yi, Co-founder and CGO of Zhonghe Group, Mr. Su Yu, CFO of Zhonghe Group, along with Mr. Joseph Wong, Managing Director of Atlas Asia-Pacific, and Mr. Shen Yufeng, General Manager of Atlas China, attended the signing ceremony in Beijing.

HiWork, a subsidiary of Zhonghe Group, specializes in providing job opportunities, payroll and benefits services to digital workers worldwide. With the increasing trend of Chinese companies expanding globally, HiWork is leveraging its technological expertise and extensive experience to assist enterprises in developing human resources and payroll systems, driving exponential growth. Collaborating with Atlas is a strategic move for HiWork, forming part of its broader initiative to establish a comprehensive global delivery network in partnership with top-tier service providers.

Mr. Zhang Yi, Co-founder and CGO of Zhonghe Group, highlighted the critical challenges faced by enterprises venturing into global markets, emphasizing the importance of streamlined entity establishment and personnel deployment.

"Atlas is a globally renowned EOR company. Whether it's global coverage or the direct EOR model, Atlas leads the industry. We hope this cooperation will enable both companies to offer more comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of enterprises embarking on global expansion journeys." said Mr. Zhang Yi.

Leveraging Atlas's EOR services in over 160 countries globally, organizations can seamlessly navigate the complexities of global employment, ensuring legal compliance and optimal employee experiences. From facilitating onboarding processes to managing payroll and ensuring regulatory adherence, Atlas empowers enterprises to expand their global footprint efficiently and effectively.

"Atlas is a global leader in the field of direct EOR services, and we have accumulated practical experience in supporting clients to expand global business, including the best human resources practices applicable to local situations. HiWork has deep-rooted expertise in the domestic human resources landscape, possessing localized networks and experiences. We believe that our cooperation will be a win-win situation. Together, We aim to deliver unparalleled support to Chinese organizations pursuing global growth ambitions, leveraging Atlas's global reach and HiWork's localized insights." said Charles Shen.

About Atlas

As the largest direct Employer of Record (EOR), Atlas’ technology platform focuses on the human experience of work for both the employer and the employee. Supported by industry experts, Atlas provides flexible workforce solutions that enable companies to expand across borders, onboard talent, manage compliance, and pay their global workforce independently — without the need for a local entity or multiple third-party providers.

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About HiWork

HiWork is a technology platform dedicated to providing job opportunities, salary services, and welfare guarantees to digital workers worldwide. Through innovative SaaS systems, HiWork connects digital economy job opportunities with global public service resources, offering digital workers professional, convenient, and reliable one-stop services.

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