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Moishe House - Expand Communities for Young Jewish Adults

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Published: 02 Feb 2022

Industry: Nonprofit 

New Markets: UK, France, Argentina, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Spain and Brazil 

Key customer benefits:

  • Streamlining of people ops 

  • Ensuring global compliance 

  • Visibility and control of reimbursements 

  • Insights into new markets  


Moishe House is a global nonprofit organization that creates meaningful, worldwide opportunities for the young adult Jewish community via peer-led programming. It plans to dramatically extend its impact on the community by scaling its programs, expanding alumni efforts, and experimenting with innovative programs that engage new segments of the young adult population.  


In 2018, Moishe House employed 12 team members located in seven countries outside North America, making it challenging to ensure that all critical functions were handled correctly for each team member. The goal for the organization was to partner with a company that could help them pay their international employees correctly, set up contracts, manage benefits, provide expertise on each country and ensure compliance while reducing its administrative load. 

"We needed a partner that could provide us with reliable and compliant support for our employees located outside of the US. We turned to Atlas for this support to ensure that everything was accurate, timely and done properly."

Ann Baumgarten
Chief Human Resources Officer, Moishe House 


Moishe House used Atlas’ unique technology platform to support its global people operations needs across seven countries. Atlas’ simple payroll technology streamlined the management of once-complex processes for employees across continents. The platform supports the internal finance team as it manages significant volumes of reimbursement payments, a complex and data-intensive process. The team has found that the final approval part of the process has become more visible and easier to control. As a result, this previously tedious project turned into an easy-to- manage task, complete with payroll reminders, quick links to necessary documents and intelligent reporting. 

Complementing this support, our extensive database of local business intelligence offered side-by-side comparisons on current and potential countries of business. Our platform has proven to be an invaluable resource when country specific information on local employment and tax laws is required straight away. Atlas’ dedicated Account Manager has been an essential part of this support. They’ve provided Moishe House with insights into which countries are best to hire in, which are more challenging and what it looks like to hire in different countries. This has helped form clear hiring strategies to ensure Moishe House is always ahead of the game. 


"I would recommend Atlas to anyone hiring globally. Trying to pay people correctly while following multiple laws is challenging when you’re in several countries. Atlas is knowledgeable about every country and what they don’t know, they proactively find out.”  

Ann Baumgarten
Chief Human Resources Officer, Moishe House  

A Trusted Partner 

A dedicated Account Manager is agile and adapts to meet Moishe House’s business needs and expansion plans. Additional support comes from the Atlas global team, which speaks more than 90 languages. 

Relevant Insights 

Moishe House now knows it can depend on Atlas to provide information that shapes decisions. Whether hiring in Brazil versus Argentina or painting a picture of how easy or complex it is to hire in a specific country, the Atlas team provides Moishe House with insights on tax laws, employment regulations and more. 

Tech-Driven Service 

Moishe House depends on Atlas to help them overcome unexpected challenges, resolve problems and build relationships. The value of Atlas lies not just in the extensive expertise but in its ability to go the extra mile.