Signing ceremony: Oriental Yuhong Partners with Atlas to Propel Global Workforce Expansion

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Published: 18 Mar 2024

Beijing, March 13, 2024 Atlas and Oriental Yuhong held a signing ceremony in Beijing to formally establish strategic cooperation on global employment and human resources management. Mr. Li Haoran, Overseas HR Manager of Oriental Yuhong; Ms. Jiaxin Xue, Overseas HR Business Partner of Oriental Yuhong; Ms. Qing Yuan, Overseas HR Operations Manager of Oriental Yuhong; Mr. Joseph Wong, Managing Director of Atlas Asia Pacific; Mr. Charles Shen, Country Manager of Atlas China; and Ms. Nina Yu, Regional Enterprise Sales Manager of Atlas China, attended the signing ceremony.

As a leading provider of construction materials and systems in China, Oriental Yuhong’s products and services are widely used in buildings, highways, metros, urban railways, high-speed railways, urban roads, bridges, airports, water conservancy facilities, and underground pipelines, and they are exported to over 100 countries.

Since its establishment, Oriental Yuhong has aimed to become the “Oriental Yuhong of the world”. With significant strides including the establishment of a Malaysian company and a cutting-edge R&D center in the United States, coupled with patent grants in numerous nations, the collaboration with Atlas will accelerate Oriental Yuhong's global trajectory even further.

“Business growth in the overseas market is one of Oriental Yuhong’s key focuses now, with overseas team deployment being the first challenge we need to address,” said Mr. Li Haoran, Overseas HR Manager of Oriental Yuhong.  “We are thrilled to join forces with Atlas, leveraging their wealth of expertise to empower our overseas HR teams and navigate the intricacies of global operations.”

With Atlas’s Employer of Record (EOR) solutions in over 160 countries, Oriental Yuhong gains flexibility in hiring across targeted expansion regions. Atlas will also help Oriental Yuhong streamline the global expansion process and enhance the overseas employee experience.

Joseph Wong, Managing Director of Atlas Asia Pacific, said, “Atlas is honored to support Oriental Yuhong’s global expansion journey. Our direct model and expansive global reach uniquely position us as leaders in EOR solutions. Irrespective of Oriental Yuhong's future destinations, our dedicated global teams stand ready to deliver comprehensive HR services, ensuring seamless operations across HR, payroll, visas, and compliance.”

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