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From Conflict to Continuity: An IT Firm's Strategic Relocation into Central Europe

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Published: 12 Apr 2024

Industry: IT  

Offices: Central Europe 

Visas granted: +100    

Key Benefits of Working with Atlas 

  • Rapid workforce and family relocation

  • Swift visa and mobility support

  • Personalised assistance

  • Minimised business downtime


The dynamic landscape of global events often presents unprecedented challenges for businesses and their workforce. In early 2022, our client encountered significant hurdles due to the outbreak of conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The ensuing geopolitical uncertainties not only posed threats to the continuity of the client's business within the region, but also placed the safety of their employees and their families at risk. Faced with these complex challenges, the client sought swift and reliable solutions, turning to Atlas for its renowned expertise and steadfast support in international mobility.

Working with Atlas

100+ Employees and family members relocated

Atlas expedited a comprehensive exploration process, strategically identifying countries for swift employee relocation based on nationality and allowing the business to concurrently assess long-term business opportunities. The inquiry delved into crucial considerations, such as the potential for sustained access to talent, the willingness of relocating employees to embrace the destination, and their ability to envision a long-term commitment. This meticulous process ensured not only immediate solutions for relocation in the face of conflict, but also aligned future business prospects with the aspirations and preferences of both the workforce and the business.


Atlas developed an end-to-end project management experience, demonstrating unwavering support through daily calls to both employees and clients.

The engagement extended to personalized assistance from local immigration attorneys, who accompanied relocating employees and their families to immigration offices. These immigration experts facilitated the submission of visa applications, provided translation services, and addressed any concerns with a hands-on approach.

In a strategic move to facilitate a smooth transition for both employees and the business, Atlas secured an office space in the new region. This dedicated workspace not only allowed employees to maintain their work routines but also fostered seamless collaboration with colleagues, preserving the core elements of the client's work culture.

Atlas' commitment to ongoing support remains steadfast, characterized by regular check-ins with local attorneys and a continuous commitment to staying abreast of the latest immigration laws and procedures. This holistic approach ensures that the client and their employees benefit from sustained assistance and adapt seamlessly to the evolving landscape of immigration regulations.


Approval rate 100% For work and residence permits

Atlas' unwavering support has allowed the business into a thriving state in its new location, ensuring the safety and legal employment of employees and their families. Overcoming the complexities of relocating a substantial workforce with diverse personal scenarios, Atlas achieved an impressive 100% approval rate for both work and residence permits.

The Atlas direct Employer of Record (EOR) services not only provided a secure foundation for the business but also opened avenues for tapping into the rich pool of local Central European talent. This strategic move allowed the client to not only weather the challenges of change and uncertainty but to actively expand their business into new regions.

Since establishing their presence in the new region, the business has demonstrated its commitment to growth by hiring an additional 30 local nationals, a testament to the success and sustainability of the relocation facilitated by Atlas.

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