Navigating Argentina's Remote Work Policy: Balancing Work and Care Responsibilities

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Published: 06 May 2024

Argentina's remote work policy stands out for its provisions aimed at supporting employees, ensuring that they can effectively balance work and caregiving duties. 

Over the years, the landscape of work has undergone a significant transformation, with remote work becoming increasingly common. Globally, 16% of companies are fully remote and a staggering 83% of the global workforce considers hybrid work ideal. As the world embraces this new way of working, it's essential to consider the diverse needs of employees, particularly those with caregiving responsibilities.  

In Argentina, employees who have to care for children under 13 years of age or other dependants with disabilities or required care, have the right to coordinate with their employer to compensate for sporadic periods of interruption throughout the day. This right is not available where the employer provides compensation for care expenses. Also, employees can request to reverse teleworking arrangements. If the employer and employee agree, the employee may resume work in person. 

This provision recognises that caregiving responsibilities often demand flexibility and understanding from employers. The policy ensures that employees have the flexibility to manage their caregiving responsibilities without sacrificing their ability to work effectively, which is a positive step towards creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment. 

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