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SelectSoftware Reviews Names Atlas a Top Software Provider in 4 Categories

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Atlas helps innovative companies like yours to expand, onboard, manage and pay international teams in 160+ countries.

Published: 12 Jan 2023

SelectSoftware Reviews (SSR), a website dedicated to helping HR and recruiting teams find and buy the right software, has recognized Atlas as a top provider in four key categories: 

  • employee onboarding, 

  • EOR software, 

  • global payroll software, and 

  • remote team management. 

SSR features select vendors that they believe to be in the top tier for their category based on rigorous criteria—including recommendations from practitioners, product demos and the financial health of the organization. 

Atlas is a 100% direct Employer of Record (EOR) and international payroll platform that enables companies to hire and pay talent almost anywhere in the world. Atlas assumes the role of legal employer on your behalf, meaning once you find the right talent to hire, they’ll help you manage those employees’ lifecycle, from onboarding to payroll processing. Atlas ensures you remain compliant with all local employment laws throughout the entire process. 

Whether you need to bring employees into your country or send them abroad, Atlas’ team can sponsor their work/business visas and work closely with those employees to get them settled in their new environment. This includes finding them suitable housing, handling moving logistics and providing them with cars for their new commute.  

Atlas can also assist with setting up an office overseas that will fall within your budget and adhere to your space and equipment requirements. Once a suitable location is located, Atlas will handle the paperwork to get you set up as smoothly as possible. 

Atlas enables you to stay informed on country policy changes, employment legislation and taxation requirements through their in-platform reference guide. Their Legal & Compliance Managers also provide expert advice for consultation regarding your expansion strategy
SelectSoftware Reviews: Atlas Expert Review