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Published: 18 May 2023

As remote work continues to bypass geographical limits, businesses are better positioned for global expansion than ever before. The benefits to expanding overseas are abundant: increased revenue potential, access to new talent, and market diversification, to name a few. Yet despite increased global connectivity, scaling a business is no easy feat. When entering new markets, businesses are faced with foreign legal and regulatory requirements, and need to quickly adapt to cultural differences in order to successfully manage teams across borders.  

Navigating these requirements can be complex and time-consuming, which may in turn slow down your process of scaling internationally. By partnering with an Employer of Record Service (EOR), organisations can bypass these barriers and begin operating in a new market immediately. The EOR takes on all the administrative and legal aspects of employing workers, including payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance, allowing your business to focus on its core activities and growth.  

How does an Employer of Record service work? 

An Employer of Record is an organisation that acts as the legal employer in any country where you lack a legal entity, while your business continues the day-to-day management of your employees. Essentially, an EOR is responsible for handling HR support to guide both the employee and the business through their global expansion. Unlike traditional hiring methods, partnering with an EOR such as Atlas offers: 

Simplified global hiring 

EOR services are particularly useful for companies that operate in multiple countries or are looking to expand overseas. When cloud-based veterinary practice management platform Vetspire attempted to recruit a software developer in the US, they struggled to find the right talent. After locating the ideal candidate in the UK, Vetspire partnered with Atlas for HR support to oversee a hiring process that was both legal and compliant. EOR’s provide you with access to a wider pool of skilled talent, while easily managing employment and compliance requirements in any country where your company places employees. 

Administrative support 

Managing payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance and employee onboarding and offboarding is extremely time consuming. Having an EOR manage these processes helps free up valuable time and resources for your business, allowing you to focus on growing revenue and your other core business goals. 

Cost savings 

There are often high costs associated with running a large HR department and setting up legal entities in different countries. Using an EOR service can help businesses save on these expenses and allocate their resources elsewhere, such as expanding their operations and investing in research and development. EOR’s can also help you negotiate better rates for benefits and insurance, providing additional cost savings. 

Speed to market 

Having an EOR service manage complex hiring processes and compliance requirements helps reduce the time it takes for your business to set up operations and begin generating revenue. Atlas understood that Vetspire needed to quickly onboard their UK candidate, and without a dedicated HR team or UK entity, Atlas enabled Vetspire to efficiently hire and onboard their chosen candidate to begin working straight away. 

Reduced risk 

An EOR service assists businesses with local employment laws, regulations, and cultural awareness, reducing risk and protecting your business from fines, legal penalties, and reputational damage. When working with an EOR such as Atlas, your business will continually receive helpful insights and understanding from our local experts. 

The Atlas advantage 

Expanding a business is complex, and partnering with Atlas helps cut through the red tape so your business can get straight to onboarding employees. Most importantly, you can eliminate the stress of navigating local employment laws, as we’ll ensure compliance no matter where you choose to hire.  

When it comes to selecting an EOR, your business has two options: Direct vs Indirect. The key difference is that an Indirect EOR utilises third-party partners to act as employers on their behalf, inevitably creating more layers and touch points between you and your employees. 

Atlas is the world’s first and only 100% Direct Employer of Record, meaning you’ll work with one partner who acts on your behalf in every country you operate in, supporting you and your employees in each location so you can streamline your global operations and create a consistent experience for your hires, no matter where they are in the world.  

As your Employer of Record, Atlas takes on all legal risk and responsibility. We’ll handle visas, including immigration and work permits, advising you on all your immigration and global mobility needs, as well as global payroll and taxes, so you can outsource the entire payroll and onboarding process. We’ll also manage cultural and language considerations in order to successfully recruit, retain and support overseas employees.  

Our Atlas HXM platform brings your international third party contractor information into a single space, enabling you to manage contracts and contractor payments easily across borders. We can draft custom-made contracts, onboard your workers and pay them, and provide access to worldwide contractor data and reporting. 

While Atlas takes ownership of these varied responsibilities, we’ll continue to build your team’s expertise. The Atlas consulting team consists of global HR specialists with knowledge spanning the globe. We’ll continually gather the latest expertise and update our knowledge base to share with your in-house team, ensuring your team and ours always stay up to date. 

Achieve secure growth with Atlas 

Expanding a business globally can be a daunting task, particularly when considering the complexities involved in navigating foreign legal and regulatory requirements. It’s essential that organisations don’t overlook the scope of responsibilities involved with onboarding talent across countries. That said, partnering with an Employer of Record Service such as Atlas can help businesses bypass these challenges seamlessly in order to quickly scale and begin operating in new markets. 

Atlas offers businesses the unique advantage of working closely with a single partner to act on your behalf in every country of operation, continually supporting you and your business as you expand with ease. While our EOR handles the administrative and legal aspects of employment, you can shift your focus away from HR while benefiting from cost savings and reduced risk.  

When combined with strong leadership, an EOR improves the likelihood of scaling sustainably and effectively. Companies that have embraced a remote work model can enjoy the competitive advantage gained through cultural diversity, widespread access to talent, and of course, increased potential revenue.