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Vetspire - Helping a Vet Tech Firm Hire Top Talent Thousands of Miles Away

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Published: 03 Feb 2022

Industry: Veterinary Services, Technology 

New Markets: United Kingdom 

Key customer benefits

  • Access to pool of highly skilled talent 

  • Fast onboarding 

  • Streamlining of global people ops 

  • Responsive HR support 


Vetspire is an intelligently designed veterinary practice management platform and medical records system. Cloud-based and designed for the veterinary industry, Vetspire provides vets with a smart electronic medical record (EMR) system that minimizes time spent at the office while maximizing efficiency. 


Vetspire struggled to find high-skilled talent for a software development position in the US. This issue led the vet tech company to expand its talent acquisition mandate to countries outside of the US. After finding a candidate in the UK, Vetspire needed immediate and relevant HR support to ensure that employment was legal and compliant, considering it didn’t have a local entity. 

“Finding engineers with the technical proficiency to help our team was challenging. We found an amazing candidate in the UK. First, we had to figure out how to make their employment happen.”  

Katie Kokkinos 
Chief Operating Officer, Vetspire 


Vetspire didn’t have a dedicated HR team or the knowledge to understand the UK market. Our Direct Employer of Record (EOR) model meant they could quickly and legally hire their candidate under Atlas’ UK entity, while receiving relevant insights from our local experts.  

Fast onboarding was a must for Vetspire, who wanted its new talent to contribute to the team as quickly as possible. Our Direct EOR model enabled faster onboarding by cutting out the need for third-party involvement to provide local employment and payroll services. Instead, our local UK entity allowed Atlas to onboard the new team member in just a few weeks. Vetspire had direct communication with the Atlas team throughout the process, allowing them to get answers to questions on laws and customs as they came in. 

With Atlas on its partner, Vetspire now has access to a pool of highly skilled talent and ongoing HR support that ensures employees are cared for. The company can now seamlessly onboard new talent and enjoy a reduced administrative burden while managing a global workforce.  


“Since hiring the first person, we’ve added two more employees to our virtual UK office through Atlas’ Direct EOR platform. Their understanding of HR compliance and legal requirements has been instrumental in helping us get our UK employees what they need.”  

Katie Kokkinos 
Chief Operating Officer, Vetspire 

A Responsive Team 

The Atlas team is always ready with prompt replies and local expertise. Vetspire never feels that they are asking too many questions; every HR, compliance and employee query is resolved quickly and efficiently. 

Compliant Support 

Atlas’ Direct EOR model means we take on the liability of hiring global talent. The expertise to compliantly hire talent in a new market is readily available and streamlined. Vetspire now has the support for new hires in more than 160 countries. 

Global Expansion 

As a 100% remote organization, Vetspire benefits from using Atlas to onboard and manage new global talent. While Vetspire is focusing on hiring in the US and the UK, the team feels it now has the scope to find the right people with the right support.