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Atlas enables innovative companies to compete in the global economy. As the first and largest direct Employer of Record (EOR), we:

  • Partner with you to quickly deploy and pay your international teams.

  • Ensure full compliance with local laws and regulations.

  • Avoid the time and expense of setting up your own international operations.

  • Handle all the onboarding, compliance, and payroll responsibilities for your international teams.

Allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Low-Risk International Expansion

Atlas is different from Global PEOs because we take full accountability for the employment of your people — the risk is not shared between your business and ours. Our Direct EOR model removes third parties while legally employing your talent in 160+ countries. We ensure that your business remains compliant in every territory that you have people operations in, mitigating risk for you and your organisation.

Atlas is built on real-world expertise. Our multinational team of labour and employment law experts are partners for your international growth, advising you on local working laws and customs and communicating with your people in local languages.

A Powerful HR Platform

Our end-to-end Human Experience Management (HXM) solution is your single-entry point to navigating worldwide expansion.

Through our centralized platform, you can manage your global teams. The Atlas dashboard lets you focus on the most relevant data for your needs and provides contextualized dashboard data to give you a complete view of your operating countries.

The more you use the Atlas platform, the more it understands and analyzes your growth strategy. Our team of experts provide the latest, most accurate insights into local employment, labour, and tax law for your business and can even recommend countries that fit your future expansion goals.

Partners For Your People Ops

Managing international teams can be hard, but working with the wrong partner makes it even harder. Global companies choose Atlas as their trusted partner to hire, onboard, manage, and pay talent across more than 160 countries.

We give you and your talent the best working experience possible, including local support, globally competitive benefits packages, and added perks like access to Coursera.

A Hassle-Free Expansion

Since hiring the first person, we’ve added two more employees to our virtual UK office through Atlas’ Direct EOR platform. Their understanding of HR compliance and legal requirements has been instrumental in helping us get our UK employees what they need
Katie Kokkinos, CEO of Vetspire

The biggest benefit of working with Atlas is that we can hire candidates remotely on a global scale. The hiring process is very smooth. We can hire them quite quickly and, of course, they are hired compliantly as well
Florence Carter, VP of People, Fuse Universal