Helping Accelerate Your Global Expansion Ambitions

Grow at the pace your products deserve.

Startups, by nature, understand the opportunity in rapid and global evolution. When you partner with Atlas, you can take advantage of the evolution happening across the world of work and gain a global footprint in a matter of days.

With Atlas, you get access to a workforce with the language and cultural skillsets that you need to ease expansion into new markets.

A Global Footprint Without the Global Size

With Atlas as your Employer of Record (EOR), we hire and handle all HR responsibilities for the people who work for you in countries where you do not have a local entity.

This can save you up to 85% of the cost of setting up a local entity in a new country and the countless workforce hours you’d otherwise spend navigating local employment legislation.

Atlas lets you employ a mobile workforce that gives you the global footprint of multinational corporations, without waiting to scale to their size.

Fully Compliant International Hiring

As a founder, you wear many hats, but international hiring and compliance might not be your forte. That's where Atlas comes in. With Atlas, you'll access everything you need for onboarding remote teams and global compliance. Focus on your business, and let Atlas handle the rest.

Go Where You Find the Talent

The global talent crunch has many startups looking beyond their borders for the skilled workers they need to stay competitive. Atlas makes this easy.

With a presence in over 160 countries, Atlas lets you hire people with the critical skills your product pipeline needs – from cybersecurity to development and AI – wherever they reside.

We make it simple and low risk for the employer, taking care of everything from regulation and compliance to culture and employee satisfaction. Our direct EOR solutions also include global mobility services such as visas, immigration, and work permits, which means you don’t have to worry about your workers’ needs in a volatile world.

A New Era of International Expansion and Managing a Global Workforce

The ever-evolving technology and startup scene, coupled with workforce challenges in a volatile economy, presents opportunities for you to look beyond borders for talent and manage a globalized company and workforce.

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With Atlas, you can:
  • Employ remote global teams

  • Hire world-class talent without relocating

  • Diversify your talent pool internationally

  • Test new markets quickly and flexibly

  • Support international clients at the local level

  • Ensure full international compliance

  • Diversify and rapidly scale operations


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