Empower employees to manage their own expenses and reimbursements

Managing expense claims can be time-consuming for employers and employees alike. But with Atlas, employees can file and manage expense reimbursements easily through our single-platform solution.

Create an expense claim, include as many line items as needed with associated invoice or receipt, and submit for approval. If the primary approver is not available, a secondary approver can be nominated.

The future of work is flexible. With Atlas’ global expense management solutions, you and your team can avoid third-party software detours or cumbersome processes for claiming expenses.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    With our multi-currency support, your employees won’t need to worry about currency conversion on their expense claims. Simply input the expense amount in the currency that they were paid in, and Atlas will convert the amount automatically.

  • Full Expense Claim History

    All your expense reports are saved on the Atlas platform so you always have a record of the expenses that were approved, declined, or sent back. This also includes all the documentation that was attached.

    You can review all expense histories in our expenses reporting to help you understand more about the types of expenses that employees are claiming and how much they’re costing you. With our data analytics, you can find all the information you need and download it for your records.

  • Cap Expenses

    Set your own limits on expense claims based on your company policy. This will let employees know whether the amount they claimed is over the cap and allow you to better manage your expenses.