Employer of Record

The flexibility you need to hire, onboard, manage compliance, and pay global talent to compete in today’s world of work.

When you hire employees with Atlas, we assume the responsibility (and liability) as the legal employer to ensure you comply with local employment regulations and to let you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

  • Managing payments for payroll taxes, social contributions, and other government fees

  • Administering and ensuring compliance of all mandatory local benefits, such as health insurance and pensions

  • Handling payroll, payslips, and all back-office HR admin processes

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Make adding talent in the global market simple:

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Employ global talent and avoid the hassles of establishing legal entities in different countries.

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Be Glocal

We’ll help you take your business to new markets quickly, confidently, and free from employer liability.

Every country has unique complex requirements to onboard their teams compliantly.

As your direct EOR partner, we can help you:


Atlas Provides The Flexibility For You To Be A Competitive Employer

Atlas’ market leadership position was built on its innovative technology platform and proven processes that provide industry leading KPIs and client experience.

What You Want

  • Set Up Employees Quickly
  • Meet Compliance And Regulatory Needs
  • Global Payroll
  • Automation & Visibility
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Seamless Integration

What We Provide

  • Network of locally owned and operated entities in over 160 countries
  • Localized expertise and resolution in same time zone
  • Cloud-based payroll processing
  • EOR platform
  • Single platform to manage global workforce
  • Atlas platform provides full suite of HCM solutions

Why UsCompared to an average company

  • Set Up Employees 90% Faster

    in over 160+ countries

  • Save Up To 87.5% Cost

    on the rollout of your global HR strategy

  • Save Up To 25% Cost

    for benefits

  • We Offer 19% More

    Worker’s comp savings

  • Direct EOR One Vendor

    Instead of multiple vendors

How you’ll benefit

  • Expand your global reach while meeting local regulations

    Hire with confidence in over 160 countries with a compliant, integrated global EOR solution.

  • Get to market 82% faster with lower costs

    Eliminate complex, expensive third parties, vendors, and in-country partners through the Direct EOR model.

  • Quickly react to market conditions

    Our platform gives you a single, scalable solution for the full range of EOR services, from quick, compliant onboarding and payroll administration to insights into local tax and employment regulations.

  • Leverage local expertise for HR regulations

    Our global human resources, legal, and compliance teams provide 24/7 support, enhanced with in-platform and up-to-date global HR reference guides.

  • Get industry-specific EOR services and resources

In the global talent market, Atlas stands out


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We’re the world’s largest and only100% Direct EOR


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We coined the phrase “Employer of Record” to describe what we do – and naturally, our competitors quickly adopted it. But we’re still the only direct EOR company in the world.

Flexible Solutions To Hire & Manage Global Talent

As a direct EOR, we have entities on the ground in over 160 countries. So we do all the human capital management ourselves. An indirect EOR uses third parties from place to place, which can compromise quality control.

Direct EOR

Indirect EOR

Employer of record - Indirect EOR


A Recognized EOR Leader

The IEC Group, NelsonHall and the Everest Group have identified Atlas as a 'Leader' in their reports on the global Employer of Record services industry.

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