Atlas Employer of Record

We employ your people, but they work for you.

That’s it in a nutshell—you partner with us to employ the people you want to hire. It enables you to avoid the complexity of setting up as a legal entity in different countries. Meaning you can take your business to new markets quickly, with confidence, and free from employer liability.

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Atlas Employer of Record

The world’s first and only 100% Direct EOR

When we came up with the phrase “Employer of Record” to describe what we do, our competitors quickly adopted it. But we’re still the only company in the world that does it directly.

Direct vs Indirect

The difference between EOR and Global PEO

We’re different to Global PEOs because we take full accountability for the employment of your people—it’s not shared between your business and ours.

We explain these employment solution models in our blog, EOR vs. Global PEO.

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Atlas Employer of Record

Streamlining Global Hiring

By hiring your global employees under its local business entity, an EOR takes on the legal risk and responsibilities of:

Visas, Immigration & Work Permits

We take an active role in the process, advising you on all your immigration and global mobility needs — from preparation and initiation to post-assignment.

Employment Contracts & Compliance

Atlas makes sure you’re compliant in every territory within which we hire for you. And in every aspect — from working hours and parental leave to sick leave and terminations.

Global Payroll & Taxes

As your EOR, we automate your people’s pay and benefits. Always direct to their bank accounts. Always in the correct currency. Always on time.

Cultural & Language Considerations

We have the depth of multinational cultures so you don’t have to. We communicate in local languages. And we advise you on local working methodologies and customs.

Atlas Employer of Record

A Single Global HCM Platform To Manage Global Payroll, HR & Benefits Administrations

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