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Atlas ESG Program

Atlas is committed to a future where opportunity thrives across borders and cultures. Our impact ESG program is how we make that future happen.

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Rick Hammell

Founder and Chairman, ATLAS

“Atlas is a company that’s well known for empowering our customers every day to compete in a borderless world. But we’re equally invested in the people and communities where we work, as well as the sustainable economic and environmental future of the countries where we live.

Impact is central to our business vision and at the heart of our culture. This programmatic approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts gives Atlas the accountability, systems, and processes to build and maintain responsible, sustainable environmental operations; champion diversity, equity, and belonging as we attract, retain, and develop our employees; give back to local and global communities through our time, financial resources, and knowledge; and continuously work to uphold the highest ethical standards in our policies and practices.

Atlas shows up every day as supporter, investor, and participant for our communities. And every day we work to increase our impact as an organization focused on bettering the human experience. It’s all part of our commitment to our Atlas values – and our commitment to you.”

is what we do every day to ensure that we collectively stand by a clear set of ESG principles and pillars: