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Atlas is committed to a future where opportunity thrives across borders and cultures. impact’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program is how we make that future happen.

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A Message from Our CEO

Atlas is a company that’s well known for empowering our customers every day to compete in a borderless world. But we’re equally invested in the people and communities where we work, as well as the sustainable economic and environmental future of the countries where we live.

impact is central to our business vision and at the heart of our culture. This programmatic approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts gives Atlas the accountability, systems, and processes to build and maintain responsible, sustainable environmental operations; champion diversity, equity, and belonging as we attract, retain, and develop our employees; give back to local and global communities through our time, financial resources, and knowledge; and continuously work to uphold the highest ethical standards in our policies and practices.

Atlas shows up every day as supporter, investor, and participant for our communities. And every day we work to increase our impact as an organization focused on bettering the human experience. It’s all part of our commitment to our Atlas values – and our commitment to you.

Rick Hammell
Chief Executive Officer, Atlas

impact is what we do every day to ensure that we collectively stand by a clear set of ESG principles and pillars:


Atlas is continually building sustainable operations to reduce our environmental footprint. We're dedicated to becoming a steward of the environment in our communities and around the world.
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Atlas promotes a diverse, inclusive environment in how we attract, retain, and develop our employees. Employee wellness, diversity and belonging, and charitable and volunteer activities are the core of our social responsiveness.
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Atlas is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics, following the right policies and best practices to foster and build trust with our customers and employees.
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Environmental Sustainability

Supporting companies globally means an expanding business footprint. But for Atlas, it also means reducing our environmental footprint: We’re building sustainable operations, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste throughout our locations and business practices.

What is Atlas doing to be a steward of the environment?

Atlas continually works to address our environmental impact for society, for the planet, and for our long-term success.

Energy Efficiency

Atlas follows and implements best practices to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions.

From facilities planning to simple energy-saving habits all employees can follow, we've made smart changes to reduce energy consumption in our workplaces.

  • Energy-efficient (LED) lighting and HVAC control systems, plus regular systems evaluations
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Working with our Facilities teams to track and measure energy consumption and carbon emissions

Waste Prevention

Atlas is dedicated to reducing our waste as we conduct business, and to recycling the waste that we do produce.

We’ve committed globally to minimizing waste, reusing and recycling products, and reducing carbon emissions in all our business operations and practices.

  • Recycling and reuse programs like clearly labeled waste and recycling bins and stocking our kitchens with reusable silverware, plates, and bowls
  • Conducting business remotely or locally whenever possible to help reduce emissions from car and airline travel
  • Reducing paper waste through online tools like email, DocuSign, and PandaDoc

Sustainable Offices

Atlas ensures that we host our offices in sustainably certified, environmentally friendly buildings.

While we don’t own our Atlas office spaces, we’ve partnered with certified green building spaces to ensure the offices we lease follow global environmental standards. These buildings are efficient and cost-effective – providing healthier workspaces for our employees and the environment.

  • Atlas offices in LEED-certified buildings:
  • Chicago – Gold
  • San Francisco – Gold
  • Shanghai – Platinum
  • Atlas offices in BREEAM-certified buildings:
  • London

Social Responsiveness

Our commitment to empowering employers and talent around the world begins with us. Our impact social responsiveness initiatives help provide value to the lives of our employees and customers, and a lasting, meaningful difference around the world.

What is Atlas doing to improve lives?

Atlas promotes diversity, employee wellness, and giving back to create a culture that allows employees to be their very best and give back to society.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Atlas provides policies and best practices that support and promote workforce diversity and a sense of belonging for each of our employees.

At Atlas, we see diversity as a competitive advantage – our workforce represents over 40 nationalities, 90+ languages, and more than 50% women.

Working closely with our executive leadership and our People & Culture teams, Atlas has created programs to attract, retain, develop, and recognize our employees and to promote a fully inclusive environment. This human-centric approach helps us celebrate diverse perspectives and stay focused on trust and accountability.

Employee Wellness

Atlas provides programs and benefits to promote employee wellness, well-being, and work-life balance.

Our employees are the key to our success, so ensuring that they feel safe, supported, and valued is top priority at Atlas.

We offer a robust suite of benefits, including excellent full-coverage health insurance, unlimited PTO, birthdays off, wellness days, and specialized leave options. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available for all employees around the world.

Atlas Communities

Atlas provides opportunities and advocacy for employees with shared characteristics, special interests, or life experiences to connect, collaborate, and drive company values.

Atlas Communities are an extension of our commitment to DEIB. These groups, created and led by our employees, celebrate shared characteristics, special interests, and life experiences.

Our goal is to connect people across Atlas and help Community members achieve professional success through education, mentorship, and mutual support – sharing stories, feedback, ideas, and best practices across levels, departments, and regions.

Women, LGBTQ employees, military, parents, environmental advocates, and young professionals represent just a few of our Atlas Communities initiatives.

Our Charity Partnerships and Employee Volunteer Program

Atlas provides employees opportunities to give back to our communities and society, volunteer with organizations of personal interest and commitment, and help those in need.

“Giving back has always been the most important thing to me, and why I started this company: to help people.” – Rick Hammell, Atlas CEO

Atlas’ Charitable Giving Program is at the heart of our company values, providing support and flexible opportunities – both inside and outside the workplace – for employees to volunteer and participate in activities focused on environmental and social concerns. Through these efforts, we can strengthen local and global organizations with our funds, time, and knowledge.

  • Individual Employee Volunteer Program:
    Employees can take paid time off from work to volunteer on an individual basis to charities that are important to them.
  • Regional Volunteer Program:
    Employees groups can come together as a team to create volunteer projects and give back to their local communities; Atlas also provides sponsorships and donations to regional programs.
  • Global Volunteer Partnerships:
    Atlas has joined forces with several non-profit organizations through shared values to meet common goals and make a difference globally.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Atlas strongly believes in maintaining ethical, responsible business operations. We continually uphold the highest corporate governance standards, policies, and best practices to fight and prevent corruption, maintain transparency and accountability, and build trust with our customers and employees.

What is Atlas doing to remain ethical, transparent, and accountable?

Atlas ensures that we operate ethically and responsibly through Corporate Governance while preserving our customers' and employees’ trust.

Ethics & Compliance

Atlas' ongoing policies and training offerings support our ethics and compliance commitment.

Holding to our commitment to our ethical values and compliance policies is a company-wide effort. Partnering closely with our Legal and Risk & Compliance teams, Atlas provides policies and training to ensure that our culture fosters trust through ethical standards.

Our mandatory ethics policies include:

  • Anti-Slavery
  • Business Ethics
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
  • Preventing Harassment
  • Code of Conduct

Governing Principles

Atlas exercises continuous business process improvement and policy development to optimize operational efficiency and uphold the highest ethical standards.

Our ongoing company-wide business-process improvements are driven by our leadership, strategy, and operations teams. ESG commitment and initiatives are part of our leadership team’s yearly goals, and Atlas employees also have ownership in our business optimizations through regular feedback and recommendations.

Data Security & Privacy

Atlas’ policies, procedures, and controls ensure our customer and employee data is always kept secure and private.

Under the guidance of our Legal, Risk, and IT teams, Atlas adheres to strict, robust policies and procedures that ensure customer data privacy and security. Some of those policies include:

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Data Use and Data Privacy
  • Data Protection and GDPR

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