Merger and Acquisition Portfolio Solutions

Your company is on the move. Getting your people up to speed is essential. While you grow your company, we'll handle all the employment admin challenges, from onboarding to tax liabilities, payroll and benefits.

Simplify cross-border acquisitions and mergers

When structuring an M&A, the people component is key. So is compliance. As you merge or acquire companies beyond your home country, you’ll get hit with compliance requirements for payroll, taxes and benefits across borders. No problem, right?

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We’re experts at this.

Compliance, liability, and risk management

Paying workers across borders and time zones can mean a crush of logistics and local regulations, from taxes to employment contracts, that demand your attention. As a direct EOR, we can keep you compliant and navigate any process hurdles. If something does go wrong, we take full responsibility.

Speed to market and global presence in over 160 countries

We own entities in every one of our operating countries and don’t rely on third parties. That means we’re flexible and fast, and that your transactions go through as planned.


Integration and culture can be a challenge during an M&A – and even more so at the global M&A level, while cultural differences can make it difficult to provide consistent experiences for employees. Our expertise in local customs and blending companies keeps the process smooth and efficient.

Data transparency and compliance

The indirect EOR model uses subcontractors all over the world, giving you no visibility or oversight into how your employees’ data is handled – or mishandled.

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Direct employer of record

Our direct EOR model means your records and data are protected against unknown entities. Atlas maintains full control over all records and personal information, securing data compliance and transparency across the entire chain of information.

The Venture Capital Connection

Get your portfolio companies to market fast. While you focus on top-line revenue growth and new-market entry, Atlas takes on establishing your ownership of international entities, managing your new team’s employment processes, and handles local HR administration and compliance requirements.

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