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Effortless International Expansion

As a company in the Energy, Oil & Gas sector, the world is your workspace. Say goodbye to onboarding complexities and HR hassles. Aim at your next market with our help and expand your global workforce effortlessly. Experience efficiency with Atlas – your partner for seamless international business operations. 

Energy companies that need to scale their operations and expand into new regions face several challenges. With Atlas, labor compliance and payroll won’t be one of them.

As the energy sector continues to grow, the most competitive companies are busy expanding into new regions and markets. Atlas’ direct Employer of Record (EOR) model and technology platform enables companies of all sizes to be more flexible and agile in their international growth.

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Supercharged expansion

When companies spend significant time and money setting up brand new entities in every one of its expansion countries, they start to lose their competitive advantage.

But with more than 160 legal entities already established globally, Atlas removes the time and cost pressure for energy, oil, and gas companies to expand, allowing them to get set up and working in as little as two weeks.

We have the expertise to find and deploy the right employees for your company, wherever they reside. This means that you can focus instead on growing your company’s footprint.

Manage your global workforce in full compliance

A global energy company could require hundreds, if not thousands, of employees to keep the company running at its best. Onboarding so many new recruits in different locales — all with their own specific laws and regulations — can be very costly and time-consuming.

Partnering with Atlas means that we own the onboarding process, ensuring that each of your new hires is onboarded quickly, properly, and in full compliance with local laws. Our local experts provide your teams with extensive compliance landscape knowledge, as well as local language capabilities for all the territories we operate in, so you don’t have to do any guesswork.

Your workers get paid on time and you get access to one single platform from which you can manage your entire international workforce.

Tap into new talent

In the coming years, the energy, oil, and gas industry is set to face significant talent shortages.

In addition to growing the global footprint of your business, partnering with Atlas allows you quick and straightforward access to a global pool of the best talent.

Hire and onboard new talent in virtually any part of the world, in their local language, while also offering the support and benefits of a Fortune 500 company.

Diverse support for your industry

Atlas supports a wide range of programs in the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Reservoir and petroleum engineering

  • Contract field teams

  • Cultural training and language services

  • Cybersecurity

  • Drilling and well delivery

  • Hydropower installations

  • Ground support

  • Health and safety

  • Engineering and design

  • Geoscience

  • Renewable energy projects, including solar and wind farms

  • Logistics

  • Policy advocacy

  • Security

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