Jump-Start Your International Growth at the Pace Your Mission Demands

Non-profits, non-government organizations (NGOs), and educational organizations exist to bring their mission and support to those who need them, wherever they are. When that means expanding across borders, non-profits need to act quickly. But local regulations plus labor and tax laws can add complexity, costs, and valuable time to the process.

The solution: a reliable global partner to provide real-world employment expertise. Atlas has extensive experience in enabling short- or long-term projects around the world while supporting the unique requirements of non-profit organizations. Within as little as two days, your team can be fully compliant with local hiring and taxation laws.

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Putting your people’s safety and security first

With legal entities and local experts in over 160 countries, Atlas can help introduce your people to new international locations safely and securely. Whether it’s transporting your teams to a new country, setting them up with the right documentation, or securing corporate housing, we’ll provide guidance and support.

Getting you on the ground faster – and in compliance

Expanding a non-profit into new countries can be complicated and stressful, especially when your organization and its activities are under a new local government’s purview.

As your Employer of Record (EOR), Atlas removes the risk and burden from global Human Experience Management (HXM). With legal entities all over the world, we hire local workers on your behalf and in full compliance, saving you time and costs in establishing your non-profit’s presence in a new country.

And by cutting through the red tape of global compliance and the complexity of hiring, onboarding, and paying your local teams, Atlas gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to fully focus on your organization's mission.

How Atlas drives success for non-profits and NGOs

  • RFP support to help win global contracts

    Our experts have best-practice knowledge and experience that can help you put together winning proposals for successful global non-profit bids.

  • Consolidated global operations and reporting

    Manage your people’s work experience – wherever they’re located – from our single platform.

  • Support for working within non-profit budgetary constraints

    Our EOR service can save up to 85% on your global people strategy.

  • HR, legal, payroll, and benefits expertise

    Atlas ensures your organization’s full compliance with local employment and taxation regulations.

  • International development opportunities

    Because we have local entities and expertise in 160+ countries, we can provide guidance on how and where to expand based on your needs and strategy.