Supported employees are happy employees. Atlas offers a best-in-class employee benefits package.

Atlas levels the playing field by allowing smaller companies to access premium life, medical, and travel insurance packages like those usually only offered by top employers.

With entities in more than 160 countries, Atlas saves you time and effort in trying to build the right benefit package in the right region. Through our platform, we empower you to offer your employees all the benefits of a large company — regardless of your actual size.

Build and manage customizable competitive global benefit programs directly. The Atlas platform gives your business a leading edge to recruit and hire top talent anywhere in the world – and gives your remote teams the benefits package of working for a Fortune 500 company.

Atlas has vetted strategic partnerships with the highest quality international benefits providers to ensure there are trusted solutions available for all your requirements.

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Global Benefits

These are some of the non-cash global benefits we can provide to employees in all countries and regions.

Local Benefits

Depending on where your employees are located, our platform also facilitates the delivery of a host of other benefits, including:

Plus, you can also manage other benefits like time-off requests, yearly bonuses, and everything else quickly and compliantly directly through the Atlas platform.

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