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Atlas Employer of Record Tech Companies

From startup to globalized in days.

Atlas strips away the complexity of global tech expansion, enabling you to grow at the pace your products deserve. Get a fast foothold in any new markets, with full compliance of local labor laws and HR and payroll requirements.

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Access global tech talent wherever it resides

Tapping into the global talent pool has never been easier than it is with Atlas. Our platform offers a unified, comprehensive HR system for global talent management.

By commissioning us as your Employer of Record, we hire people on your behalf—starting within as little as two days. We onboard them, manage their personnel profiles, and even pay them their salaries and benefits—all from within a single, dashboard-like space.

Then, when you’re ready, you can get set up as a legal entity in those countries via the platform and take over employment of your own teams.

Atlas Employer of Record Tech Companies
Atlas Tech Company Employer of Record

Move fast without breaking local statutes

Start-ups and SMBs in the tech space justifiably celebrate the virtues of speed. When expanding globally, speed must be combined with a deep knowledge and expertise in order to avoid compliance pitfalls.

Atlas has you covered. Considering everything from regulation, entity, and culture, to compliance and legality, our EOR solutions also include global mobility services such as visas, immigration and work permits to help you expand in over 160 countries.

A New Era of International Expansion And Managing A Global Workforce

The ever-evolving technology and startup scene, coupled with workforce challenges in a volatile economy, presents opportunities for you to look beyond borders for talent and manage a globalized company and workforce.

Atlas Tech Company Employer of Record
Atlas Tech Company Employer of Record

Downloadable Capabilities Overview Packet: Technology Sector

The technology industry is constantly growing, disrupting and revolutionizing itself. Even smaller startups with great products and looking to scale globally may face a host of new challenges. For a tech company to push past fierce competition and scale with purpose and profit, they must consider some essentials first. These include expanding, onboarding, managing and paying their workforce.

Download our capabilities packet to learn how our Employer of Record (EOR) service can help tech companies and start-ups achieve their global expansion goals.

Key Learning Objectives

The challenges facing the technology sector
How an EOR affects companies’ approach to global mobility and compliance
Why Elements Global Services’ Direct EOR service is the right solution for tech companies looking to employ and expand globally
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Atlas enables you to

  • Employ remote global teams
  • Take on third party contractors
  • Hire world-class talent without relocating
  • Diversify your talent pool
  • Test new markets
  • Support international clients at the local level
  • Ensure international compliance
  • Diversify and rapidly scale operations

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