Simplifying private equity and venture capital investments, global compliance, and hiring international employees.

Creating a global company infrastructure can be a complex challenge. From setting up legal entities to hiring and paying employees in full compliance with local regulations, the expansion process can be costly, slow, and disruptive to your core business operations and goals.

As your direct Employer of Record (EOR), Atlas helps accelerate your global business capacity with our efficient, comprehensive solutions for onboarding, employee management, payroll, and compliance.

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Effortless International Expansion

As a company in the Private Equity & Venture Capital sector, the world is your workspace. Say goodbye to onboarding complexities and HR hassles. Aim at your next market with our help and expand your global workforce effortlessly. Experience efficiency with Atlas – your partner for seamless international business operations. 

Speed to market and cost effectiveness

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Taking on new employees in new countries can cost businesses many months and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with presence in 160+ countries, Atlas can slash the time, red tape, and high local-entity fees associated with global expansion.

In just days, we can establish your company’s legal entities and hire talent. We can also help you establish your own entities without HR administration hassles; once you're set up, we’ll start the process of transferring employees over to you.

Whether you expand with our local entities or your own, we’ll get your teams to market fast, ensure smooth operations, and help you save overhead costs.

Compliance and local expertise

When businesses expand, merge, or acquire other companies, due diligence is key – and complicated. The crush of local logistics and regulations can hold up or even sink your plans.

Atlas provides end-to-end compliance support and Human Experience Management (HXM): local tax and employment regulations, on-time and accurate payroll, employee benefits administration, and more. And by ensuring full compliance and navigating process hurdles, we’ll also provide peace of mind when you need it most.

A consistent worksite employee experience

Effectively coordinating teams and cultures in multiple countries can cause disruptions to the employee experience that could put retention of key company talent – and their valuable knowledge – at risk.

Our global people solutions can ensure a consistent, efficient experience for your teams across local regulations, languages, and customs. We provide global benefits, HR compliance, and payroll processes. Employees can even self-onboard and manage their time off, benefits, and expenses through our secure platform.

Work with one partner and one platform

The Atlas direct EOR model means a single partner to meet all your global business needs: no more paying and coordinating multiple third-party providers, no more disjointed people operations. And our expert teams around the world can support your employees, contractors, and global capabilities through our single, easy-to-use platform.

Direct EOR

Indirect EOR

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