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The Republic of Angola is a country on the west coast of Africa. Portuguese is the official language. The country has large oil deposits and is rich in diamonds. The National Bank of Angola is the country’s main bank, but several foreign banks have a presence as well. Angola is a large country rich with potential for companies considering expansion into Africa.

Employment contracts in Angola can be in any format such as verbal, written or implied. When a written contract is required by the employer or employee, it must contain:

  • full name and habitual residence of the parties,

  • employee's job classification and occupational category,

  • place of work,

  • duration of the normal work week,

  • the amount and period of payment of the salary, and mention of additional or complementary salary benefits and those paid in kind,

  • date work begins, and

  • place and date where the contract is signed.

Employers can use fixed-term employment contracts which can be six to 36 months long, depending on the type of contract, and must contain an end date. They can also use indefinite contracts, which must contain a start date.

The standard workweek in Angola is capped at 44 hours per week and eight hours a day. The workweek can be extended to nine hours a day and/or 54 hours a week in some cases. Overtime can be two hours a day and/or 40 hours a week and/or 200 hours in a year.

When employees of large- or medium-sized corporations in Angola are sick or have an accident, the law considers the absences justified. The employer must pay 100% of the salary for two months. Small corporations pay 50% of the employee’s salary for 90 days.

Female employees receive 12 weeks of paid maternity leave in Angola, which can be extended by four weeks if there are multiple births. Maternity leave begins four weeks before the expected date of childbirth. The employer can reclaim wages paid for maternity leave from the social security fund. Male employees get one day of paternity leave.

Angola has a minimum wage. Bonuses are common in Angola.

Employees receive 22 days paid annual leave in Angola. Some annual leave can be carried over into the following year but must be used in the first quarter. Special rules apply to employees with family members abroad.

In Angola, the public holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day

  • Liberation Day

  • Carnival Tuesday

  • Women’s Day

  • Peace Day

  • Good Friday

  • Easter

  • Labor Day

  • National Heroes’ Day

  • All Souls’ Day

  • Independence Day

  • Christmas Day and Family Day

Angola has a national healthcare system that offers basic health services to citizens. National healthcare is primarily funded by government revenue, and to a lesser extent by employer and employee payroll contributions.

The termination notice period in Angola is 30 or 60 days, depending on the employee. Severance pay for redundancy is between one and 12.5 months.

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