Government Employee Hiring Programs

Setting up international government programs is an incredibly complex undertaking. From humanitarian to military contracts, partnering with Atlas takes the complexity out of setting up and managing your global employees, freeing you to focus on the vitally important work that you’ve been contracted to do.

Effortless International Expansion

As a Government contractor, the world is your workspace. Say goodbye to onboarding complexities and HR hassles. Aim at your next market with our help and expand your global workforce effortlessly. Experience efficiency with Atlas – your partner for seamless international business operations.

Expand – Get people on the ground quickly

With our significant international footprint across 160+ countries, Atlas enables you to get your teams on the ground and working in as little as two weeks.

Speed is key for international humanitarian and defense programs. Atlas’s direct Employer of Record (EOR) model means that we can hire people on your behalf through our local legal entities.

This allows you to avoid all the headaches and costs involved with setting up international entities in every region that you need to serve and onboard your workforce as soon as possible.

Find out how Atlas can help you get people on the ground quickly.

Pay your talent on time and in compliance.

Managing payroll is tough at the best of times, but managing international payroll is a significant challenge for organizations of all industries and sizes — especially when first getting set up.

According to recent studies, approximately one in four employees will look for a new job after the first payroll mistake, while another 25 percent will seek new employment after the second issue. This means that accurate and timely payroll is mission-critical for government programs that are being set up in new regions.

Partnering with Atlas allows you to manage all your international payroll through a single platform. From salaries to expenses, our technology enables seamless payments to different regions, with full certainty of timeliness and compliance.

Manage Compliance – Find security in local expertise

One of the biggest challenges in quickly building international programs is ensuring full adherence to local laws and regulations.

Atlas removes this obstacle for organizations through its extensive network of local HR experts. From local labor and tax laws to payroll obligations and data protection, we continually update our knowledge base and work with you to ensure the latest changes in local regulations are incorporated into your strategy.

This means that you can focus on getting the most out of your talent and rest assured that your organization stays current and compliant in every region of your global operations.

Credentialed and compliant

Atlas is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and is experienced with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the United States Agency for International Development (AIDAR), and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).

  • NAICS Code 511210

  • NAICS Code 561110

  • NAICS Code 541612

  • NAICS Code 541611

  • NAICS Code 541214

  • NAICS Code 518210

  • NAICS Code 561330

  • CAGE Code 838d9