Employee Experience & Self Service

Put control back into your employees’ hands by boosting your Human Experience Management (HXM)

Through the Atlas platform, you and your employees can manage all of the most important aspects of onboarding and Human Experience Management (HXM) — on the web and through our mobile app — quickly and compliantly.

Employee Access and Self Service

Employees can utilize our easy-to-use self-service features to complete all the necessary onboarding steps themselves – in their native languages.

This includes the ability to:

  • Confirm position, salary, and working location.

  • Upload necessary documents and personal information, including personal data and banking information.

  • Upload a photo for self-verification.

  • Select the benefit plans that are right for them.

  • Access an Employee Relationship Coordinator, who will assist with any questions or issues.

Once they’ve joined your team, your employees can continue to manage other key aspects of their working experience through our platform, including:
Updating personal data and information.
The ability to access and download pay checks.
Access to important documents, including their Employment Agreement and Contract.

Our platform’s multi-factor authentication and verification processes ensures complete security, compliance, and transparency for all regions, including full compliance with GDPR.

Working With atlas logo

Atlas assumes responsibility for:

  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources Compliance
  • Payroll & Tax Compliance
  • Salaries, Payslips, End of Year Tax Documents, Direct Deposit, Withholding Tax and Pension Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Local In-Country Benefits Compliance
  • Vacation/ PTO Management
  • Employment Agreements and Addendums
  • Visa & Global Mobility Management
You retain full autonomy of day-to-day activities like:
  • Hiring & Termination
  • Performance Reviews
  • Determining Compensation
  • Selecting Benefits Offerings
  • Day-to-Day Direction
  • Strategic Direction of Company
  • Vacation/ PTO Approval