Hire and onboard talent globally without worrying about how to sponsor a work permit and fulfill all local employer requirements for hiring foreign nationals.

Every country has unique immigration laws and requirements. This can make it a long and difficult process when you need talent outside their country of citizenship or permanent residency.

Atlas ensures that your employees have the appropriate work authorization, visas, and other documentation to start working wherever you choose.

Speed to Market

With international entities already set up and established, you can get your employees hired and begin working much faster.

Peace of Mind

That your employees have the necessary work authorizations to work in the country of your or their choice over the lifetime of the employment or assignment, while Atlas tracks visa expiry and renews in a timely manner.

Leverage Atlas Resources

When expanding in countries with quota requirements. Our in-house team of global mobility experts monitor and update all necessary documents.

Your global immigration sponsorship partner throughout the entire employee lifecycle

Hire international talent and send existing teams to new global locations. We can get them there faster and help them settle into their new locales with everything from housing to car leases, so they’re ready to work.

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Global Mobility Support

Moving people from country to country involves more than getting them on the ground and working.

We can assist your international employees as they settle in with detailed planning for where they live, where they report to work, and transportation. Atlas helps you make cross-border transfers easy for your employees and cost-effective for your business:

Car Leasing

Give employees a familiar option for getting around without the hassle of negotiating local public transport in a new country. Atlas facilitates car leasing to provide your people with cars that match their style, size, and terrain requirements.

Office Space Leasing

Quickly find premises in your new country that meet your budget, space, and facilities requirements, whether it’s one desk in a co-working space or an entire office complex.

Corporate Housing

Make your teams feel at home right away in their new countries. Atlas facilitates world-class housing to get employees settled, working with families to plan their move to a new work site.

The most efficient Employer of Record (EOR) solution

Atlas’s direct Employer of record model and its on-the-ground entities in 160+ countries means that you can grow your business without the cost and hassle of third parties.

One partner, managing everything in one platform, gives you the flexibility and insights you need to grow your business. it’s the most efficient and compliant way to expand globally.

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