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Mozambique is a southern African country with more than 30 million people. The country is famous for its beautiful coastlines along the Indian Ocean with miles of beaches. The port city Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. Mozambique is a developing country. Agriculture is a significant industry. Mozambique also has natural gas resources, three deep seaports, and a strategic location next to four landlocked African nations.

Individual employment contracts in Mozambique must be in writing and identify the employee and employer, working hours, workplace, duration, conditions for renewal, salary details, date when the contract begins, its term date and signatures.

Fixed-term contracts may be for a period of up to two years and may be renewed twice by agreement between the parties. The duration of a fixed-term contract must be in writing.

Contracts that do not specify a duration will be treated as indefinite term contracts even if the employer demonstrates the activity is temporary.

The standard workweek in Mozambique is limited to 48 hours and eight hours a day. Employees can work nine hours a day if the employer offers an extra half-day of rest a week. The limits on work hours do not apply to those in leadership, management, trust or supervisory positions. Employees also receive at least twenty-four consecutive hours off per week, usually on Sunday.

Employees can work overtime in Mozambique, but no more than eight hours a day, 96 hours a quarter or 200 hours per year. Overtime is paid at 150% if performed during the day or 200% if performed at night.

Employees receive 15 consecutive days of paid sick leave a year in Mozambique or up to five non-consecutive days in a quarter, after which an employer can refer the employee to the health board to determine the employee’s capability to work. Employees may be eligible for benefits under Mozambique’s social security system. Eligible employees receive 70% of their average daily earnings for up to 365 days after a three-day waiting period. To be eligible, the employee must have made at least three contributions in the 12 months preceding leave.

Female employees in Mozambique receive paid maternity leave of 60 days, which may begin up to 20 days before the due date. Benefits are paid through Mozambique’s social security system. Employees receive 100% of their average daily earnings if they have made at least 12 months of contributions in the 18 months before the expected due date. Male employees are entitled to one day of paternity leave every two years. It must be taken the day immediately following the birth.

The minimum wage in Mozambique varies by business sector. Employers are not required to pay bonuses but performance-based and seniority bonuses are common.

Employees in Mozambique start with one day of paid annual leave for every month of service. Employees can earn up to 30 days of paid leave per year.

In Mozambique, the public holidays are:

  • New Year's Day

  • Mozambican Heroes Day

  • Mozambican Woman's Day

  • May Day

  • Independence Day

  • Victory Day

  • Armed Forces Day

  • Peace and Reconciliation Day

  • Family Day

Mozambique has a public healthcare system, but most international employers offer private health insurance.

Employers may terminate an indefinite-term contract in Mozambique without just cause but for structural, technological or market-related reasons essential to maintain its competitiveness. The employer must provide notice of 30 days to the employee or the union. The employee is entitled to compensation. For a fixed-term contract, the employer must pay compensation equivalent to the wages that the employee would have earned between the date of termination and the contractual end date.

An employee may terminate a contract for just cause. The employee must give the employer prior notice of at least seven days. The employee is entitled to compensation in an amount of 45 days of wages for every year of service or the amount remaining on a fixed-term contract. The employee may terminate the employment contract without cause by giving prior notice in writing to the employer.

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