Atlas: Empowering Global Expansion and Streamlining HR Operations

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Atlas helps innovative companies like yours to expand, onboard, manage and pay international teams in 160+ countries.

Published: 09 Aug 2023

Atlas has been transforming how companies approach global expansion and human resource management by providing innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs. From helping companies in different industries, such as Moishe House and Affygility Solutions, Atlas is redefining the landscape of global enterprise and HR operations.  

Moishe House: Expanding Impact and Growing Global Talent 

Moishe House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young adults to create their own Jewish experiences, embarked on a mission to expand its operations. However, the process of global expansion presented significant challenges, such as understanding international labor laws and managing global payroll, making it difficult to hire and retain employees in different countries. Atlas stepped in to provide the much-needed support. With the Atlas, Moishe House was able to hire talent in countries where it didn't have a legal entity. To learn more about how Moishe House leveraged Atlas for their global expansion. 

Affygility Solutions: Enhancing Compliance and Scaling Global Operations 

In the realm of occupational health and safety services, Affygility Solutions found its global growth potential hindered by the complex compliance and administrative requirements of international expansion. The company needed a solution that could help it maintain compliance with local labor laws and manage global payroll across different countries. Atlas helps Affygility to hire talent across borders without the need to establish a legal entity in every country. Atlas also took on the liability of hiring global talent, offering expertise to hire in new markets compliantly. For a more in-depth look at how Affygility Solutions utilized Atlas to streamline their international operations. 

Atlas: A Game-Changer for Global Enterprise  

In an increasingly interconnected world, Atlas is opening up the frontiers of global enterprise. Atlas EOR not only simplifies the process of international expansion but also significantly speeds it up. Expanding into a new market that once took months can now happen in days. By simplifying the process of global expansion, Atlas is empowering businesses to tap into a global talent pool without limitations or unexpected complexities.