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PAE - Leading U.S. Government International Provider Successfully Expands Globally

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Published: 25 Jul 2023

Industry: International Trade and Development  

Offices: Virginia, United States 

Global Employees: Approximately 20,000 employees  

Key customer benefits:

  • Legal Compliance  

  • Payroll Services  

  • Employment Contracts  

  • Benefits Support 


Founded in 1995, PAE is a leading provider of support for the missions of the U.S. government, its allied partners and international organizations. PAE supports these entities and their execution of critical missions by providing global logistics and stability operations, technical services and national security solutions. The company offers the most secure and cost-effective services for its customer base.  

Over the past few years, PAE has increased its range of services by acquiring and integrating four different companies. With each acquisition, PAE added new capabilities and expanded the company’s workforce and geographic footprint to new regions and countries across the globe.  


As PAE expanded its capabilities and grew relationships with customers, new needs arose that required outside resources and expertise. Namely, one of PAE’s customers wanted to support data centers around the world and, to do so effectively, needed to hire employees in Finland.   

As many companies have realized, hiring abroad without global employment expertise and the key relationships that come with it can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. PAE had the right relationships with government contracts. However, the company needed to find a quick solution to help handle the payroll, taxes and benefits of international hiring.   

Working with Atlas 

Atlas served as a key resource for PAE’s internal teams. Atlas’ experts were available at any time to share key information and insights on a plethora of global employment topics, such as reimbursements, allowing PAE employees to focus on contract management and other day-to-day responsibilities.  

In addition to serving as an expert resource, Atlas also provided guidance on payroll and risk mitigation for tax and employment laws in different countries. PAE utilized Atlas’ reporting solutions and far-reaching network of HR professionals to help eliminate the confusion that commonly accompanies learning local employment laws and understanding each country’s unique tax authorities. 


PAE first and foremost sought a partner with a cost-effective solution and found what it was looking for with Atlas. Atlas’ understanding of the challenges and expenses required to do business internationally helped foster a strong relationship from the start, and Atlas’ shared knowledge and expertise has been key to driving profitable results across many customer accounts.  

With a full-service solution and an inclination for great customer service, Atlas continues to support PAE with its efforts abroad and provided efficient services, saving PAE valuable time and resources.