Jamaica Implements New Minimum Wage Requirements in 2024

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Published: 11 Jun 2024

Effective June 1, 2024, Jamaica implemented a new national minimum wage, set at JMD 15,000 per 40-hour week for all occupations, excluding security guards. This is an increase from the previous year. In 2023, the minimum wage was JMD 13,000.00  per week for all workers, except security guards. The national minimum wage typically refers to gross pay. The typical pay frequency cycle in Jamaica is monthly, with employees usually receiving their wages on the last day of the month.  

Increase of 15% in the weekly minimum wage

For security guards, the minimum wage is also JMD 15,000 per week, aligning with the general standard but acknowledging the unique nature of their duties. This uniformity simplifies compliance for employers, ensuring that all workers receive a baseline level of pay that supports their basic needs. The Jamaican governemnt is seeking to build a more caring economy for its cititzens.  

As HR professionals, it's crucial to update payroll systems to reflect these changes and ensure that all employees are compensated correctly. Regular communication with employees about these updates will also foster transparency and trust within the organisation. 

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