Understanding Statutory Allowances in Norway: Parental One-Off Benefit

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Published: 04 Jun 2024

Norway is renowned for its robust social welfare system, particularly when it comes to supporting families. One notable provision is the statutory one-off benefit for parents who are expecting a child or adopting. This allowance is designed to provide financial assistance to parents who have had limited or no income in the months leading up to their parental leave.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the one-off benefit, parents must meet specific criteria:

  • Parents must have had no income for at least six of the last 10 months before their parental leave starts. This requirement ensures that the benefit targets those who may not have access to regular employment income during the crucial period before welcoming a new child into their family.

  • The benefit applies to parents who are either expecting a child or adopting. This inclusivity acknowledges the financial needs associated with both biological and adoptive parenting.

Benefit Amount

The one-off benefit is a substantial financial support, amounting to 92,648 Norwegian Kroneper (NOK) child. This is equivalent to 8,760.61 USD. This amount is paid regardless of whether the parents give birth to or adopt the child, ensuring that all eligible families receive the same level of support.

Application Process

Parents who meet the eligibility criteria must apply for the benefit through the appropriate Norwegian social security channels. It is crucial to ensure all necessary documentation and proof of income status are provided to facilitate a smooth application process.


Norway's one-off benefit for parents expecting a child or adopting is a critical component of the country's comprehensive social welfare system. By providing NOK 92,648/ 8,760.61 USD per child to families who have had no income for at least 6 of the last 10 months before parental leave, this allowance helps to provide support for families.

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