Simplifying everything from transitioning top talent to decommissioning assets.

Atlas Employer of Record

A trusted partner for enterprise-level clients

Atlas is a multiple-award-winning supplier of human experience management solutions, spanning over 160 countries across the globe. We count some of the world’s biggest brands among our client list. For enterprise level businesses looking to expedite, simplify, and reduce the cost of mobilizing cross-border talent, there is arguably no more credible a partner to assist you on your journey.

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Atlas Employer of Record

Advice from some of the world’s leading experts

With Atlas acting as your global expansion consultancy, you can tap into on-the-ground HR expertise in over 160 countries around the world. Access up-to-the-minute advice on local compliance matters, expansion opportunities by location, and the most profitable people strategies for your continued growth.

Maintain employer brand credibility across borders

Your reputation as a large-scale employer is sacrosanct—there is no room for even the slightest oversight in your cross-border HR set-up. Atlas not only offers the knowledge to make sure you’re fully compliant as you enter new countries, but also helps you deliver rewards, benefits, and cultural experiences that meet the expectations of your multinational workforces.

Atlas Employer of Record
Atlas Employer of Record

Streamlining the Mergers & Acquisitions process

Whether it’s moving your best people across borders or sourcing local talent, our extensive range of human capital management services speeds up and lowers the cost of restructuring your global assets. Atlas brings expertise, experience, and peerless technological prowess to large-scale takeovers—from Employer Of Record (EOR) services to global talent mobility and visa management.

How Atlas supports multinational enterprise


As the world’s first—and only—direct Employer Of Record, Atlas can hire on your behalf, enabling you to expedite your set-up with a guarantee of full compliance.

Global mobility and visa management

When your continued expansion takes you to new countries and territories, we oversee the process of putting your best people into position.

Onboard at scale

Sync your international onboarding process into a single dashboard platform, no matter how expansive the scale of your growth.

Access essential global HR information

Our ever-growing body of information, researched and delivered by experts in over 160 countries, keeps you at the forefront of developments in human experience management.

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