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Atlas Life Sciences Employer of Record

Find remote talent to ramp-up R&D and production.

The Life Sciences sector faces greater demands for innovation—and, therefore, greater pressure—than ever before. Yet, the war for talent within the sector is fierce and resourcing budgets only stretch so far. Seeking out remote global talent is the obvious answer. Atlas helps you to fast-track that process with full compliance at the local level.

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Supporting the vital work you do

The world faces an increasing need for vaccines and treatments. Yet the pace of growth in the life sciences sector often outweighs available talent at the local level. Atlas enables you to tap into life science practitioners globally so that you can meet your growth potential.

As your Employer of Record, we hire, onboard, and reward your overseas teams. This opens up new business development opportunities by giving you access to rare skill sets. It enables you to seize new technological advantages. And it gives you the chance to diversify your capabilities.

Because we’re present in over 160 countries, that opens up pretty much the entire planet’s life sciences community.

Atlas Life Sciences Employer of Record
Atlas Life Sciences Employer of Record

Establish overseas entities or simply let us do the hiring for you

If your business is readying itself for a firmer global foothold, Employer of Record services are a great way of moving quickly on global scientific talent. Within as little as two days, we can have you set up to start making multinational offers.

We’re also fully mobilized to help you establish legal entities in the countries you’ve targeted for expansion. Enabling your long-term strategy for international growth.

Both can be achieved from within a single, easy-to-use platform. We offer full personnel records, global payroll and benefits administration, and the latest data and insights. Powering your growth from the bottom up. Download our capabilities overview to find out more.

Skilled Talent For The Life Sciences

Life sciences companies have shown remarkable flexibility as the pandemic shone an unprecedented light on the sector. But can they win the upcoming fight for global talent?

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Atlas Life Sciences Employer of Record

Atlas enables you to

  • Employ remote and distributed global teams
  • Access global R&D
  • Hire world-class talent without relocating
  • Diversify your talent pool
  • Relocate skilled personnel
  • Ensure international compliance
  • Test new markets without permanent commitment
  • Diversify and rapidly scale operations
Atlas Life Sciences Employer of Record
Atlas Life Sciences Employer of Record

Downloadable Capabilities Overview Packet: Life Sciences Sector

The life sciences sector presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and success — all while making a tangible positive impact on the world. Companies in this sector must be able to scale globally and properly manage international talent to enable the collaboration that can transform resources and ideas into peer-reviewed research and business opportunities. However, this can be difficult due to the need to create local entities and comply with complex labor and tax laws.

Download our capabilities packet to learn how our Employer of Record (EOR) service can help life sciences organizations achieve their global expansion goals.

Key Learning Objectives

The challenges facing the life sciences sector
How an EOR affects life sciences companies’ approach to global mobility and compliance
Why Elements Global Services’ Direct EOR service is the right solution for life sciences organizations looking to employ and expand globally

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