Manage: Comprehensive, accessible personnel records.

A full view of your global workforce from one easy-to-use space.

Atlas Comprehensive Global HR

Close the gap between domestic HR and worldwide talent.

Global expansion puts distance between you and your people. Atlas helps to close that distance. With detailed personnel records from right across the planet available to you, you can deliver the same quality of HR management as you would at the local level.

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A complete view

The Atlas platform gives you transparent, comprehensive data on all your people—from their job profiles to their time off to their emergency contacts.

Atlas Comprehensive Global HR
Atlas Comprehensive Global HR

Simple navigation

Our system is intuitive and easily navigable. You don’t need to be an HR expert to understand it. You don’t need training. Everything is clearly labeled and simply laid out.

Compliance made easy

Your personnel data is connected to the wider Atlas platform—which gives you automated updates on global compliance. So you can quickly take action.

Atlas Comprehensive Global HR

The benefits to your business


We make it possible to maintain and manage personnel records in multiple worldwide locations within a few clicks. Saving you innumerable hours’ of HR admin from country to country.


Our platform enables you to manage people operations fluidly and efficiently, so you can spend your time on higher value activities, such as defining the scope of work and growing your people.


The capabilities of our platform continue to grow in line with client needs. We continually review and revise our tech in order to deliver simple solutions to complex HR needs. You just pick the ones you want to use.

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