Onboard: Put your international talent to work.

Atlas empowers you to set teams to work all over the world—quickly, easily, and all from the same platform.

Atlas International HR

Set up global workforces from a single space.

You can set up the countries into which you intend to grow your workforce within a few clicks. Then enable customized new starter experiences throughout every location.

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Onboarding calendar

Access calendars of key onboarding delivery dates for each new employee. Track everything from sending out a job offer to finalizing payroll data at a glance.

Atlas Global HR
Atlas Global HR

Full automation

Every time an action is completed, it will automatically get checked off your “to do” list. And, if you let your onboarding process slip, you’ll be sent automatic email reminders.

New starter profiles

Get a full view of each new employee's essential data—from role profile to pay and benefits data. The platform even integrates external employee data, such as private pension information.

Atlas Global HR

The benefits to your business


Our easy-to-use platform demystifies the multinational onboarding process by breaking it down into logical, manageable tasks. From country to country. From worker to worker.


Set up every country within which you intend to expand your workforce. And enjoy a comprehensive view of every new starter’s onboarding journey and profile.


Ensure flawless delivery of a consistent new employee experience with automated “to do” reminders sent to your email.

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