Pay: Administer global rewards and benefits.

A single worldwide payroll function directly connected to your personnel records.

Atlas Global Rewards

Unlimited employees. Multiple pay functions. One platform.

Wherever you expand across the planet and however many people you contract or hire, you can reward all of them from within Atlas. Fully automated and globally intelligent, our system processes salaries, wages, contractor invoices, benefits, and expenses.

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Payroll plus

Our pay function is about more than just payroll. It also guides you on allowable expenses from country to country, and enables you to customize and administer benefits by location.

Atlas Global Rewards
Atlas Global Rewards

Local insight

Atlas offers on-the-ground knowledge of payroll and benefits compliance—and common practices—in over 160 countries. Whether it’s rental allowances in Mexico or meal allowances in Spain.

Fully personalized

Payroll is a core part of the Atlas platform, so it’s directly connected to all other information within the system. You get information that tells you what you need to act on in order to reward your people and stay compliant locally.

Atlas Global Rewards

The benefits to your business


Because it’s hosted in-platform, our Pay function is joined-up to every other piece of data you hold on your people across the globe. This enables you to deliver consistently in line with contractual agreements and local employment legislation.


Our payment network is sophisticated and transparent. You can see country-to-country gross-to-net pay, and understand currency conversions, at a glance.


We remove manual processes from the payroll function. You can easily move money between your business and ours. And track payments between Atlas and your people.

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