Atlas Awards Honours Tech Industry Pioneers at Viva Technology Paris

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Published: 22 Jun 2023

Winning companies NEOBRAIN, Dataiku, and Listen Léon were honoured for their achievements in Influential Innovation, Passion, and Trust & Diversity.

The Atlas Awards, held at Viva Technology Paris last week, were a resounding success, gathering approximately 3000 votes and showcasing the most innovative companies of 2023. The awards took place at the Orange Stage and were presented in collaboration with Business France and Le Lab RH

The winning companies for each category were: 

The awards were presented by Hanan Swan, the Business Development Manager for France at Atlas; Lobna Calleja Ben Hassine, the Vice President of the Le Lab RH; Maxime Echene, the Business Developer for Education Training and Skills at Orange Business; Trevor Ford, the Mid-Market Sales Manager for Europe at Atlas; and Quentin Durant de Saint André, the Key Account Manager at Business France. 

Atlas also congratulated the startups that were featured as finalists in each category: Albert,, (CO)EQLORE, DeepBrain AI, May, Mooji, Numa Health, United Heroes, and YAGGO

The Atlas Awards are based on the company's core values: Passion, Influential Innovation, and Trust & Diversity. The aim of these awards is to recognize and celebrate companies and individuals who embody these values and contribute to the global economy by fostering innovation and growth. 

Atlas is committed to supporting and promoting exceptional talent and innovative solutions that drive positive change. The success of the Atlas Awards at Viva Technology highlights the importance of recognizing and honoring the achievements of companies and individuals who are making a difference in the global economy. 

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