Atlas Unveils its Global Employer of Record Report: 2024

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Published: 10 Jun 2024

Atlas, a leader in Employer of Record (EOR) services, is proud to announce the release of the Global Employer of Record Report for 2024.  

This year’s report emphasizes the critical importance of employee experience as the driving force behind organizational success in the modern business landscape and how EOR services are adapting to cater for this. 

Why Does Employee Experience Matter Now More Than Ever? 

In today's competitive market, organizations are continuously challenged by talent shortages, technological advancements, and the complexities of borderless hiring.  

The 2024 report reveals data which shows that employee experience is a pivotal factor that can help organizations overcome these challenges. A positive employee experience enhances engagement, retention, and productivity — ultimately contributing to long-term resilience and success. 

Some of the key findings from Global Employer of Record Report 2024 include: 

  • The Persistence of Talent Shortages: Despite widespread layoffs, 75% of employers struggle to fill key roles. This means that focus is now shifting towards finding talent with the right skills rather than simply increasing the pace of hiring. 

  • The Complexities of Borderless Hiring: 61% of US businesses and 71% of UK businesses consider international hiring crucial, yet only 40% are confident in their ability to hire compliantly. This is a big challenge for organisations with international ambitions. 

  • A.I. Integration: 82% of CEOs believe that A.I. will significantly impact their business, but proper integration strategies and clear guidance are essential to alleviate employee anxieties and enhance overall productivity in a human-centric way. 

  • Flexible Work Models: As the debate over remote versus in-person work continues, successful organizations are those that offer flexibility to their employees. 

  • Global and Equitable Benefits: A crucial part of employee experience is providing consistency for talent, no matter where they are located. EOR services can provide high-quality benefits across regions, ensuring fairness and boosting employee satisfaction. 

  • Upskilling and Development: With 60% of employees requiring upskilling by 2027, offering continuous learning opportunities is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and improving employee engagement. 

Employee Experience as a Competitive Superpower 

This year’s Global Employer of Record Report underscores the fact that the ability to deliver an exceptional employee experience is emerging as a key differentiator when choosing an EOR service provider to partner with.  

This involves not only providing flexible work models and comprehensive benefits but also fostering a human-first approach that emphasizes choice, connection, and contribution in the workplace. 

For a comprehensive understanding of the current HR landscape and to explore the detailed strategies and insights on enhancing employee experience, download the full Global Employer of Record Report 2024 from Atlas.  

Empower your organization to turn employee experience into a competitive superpower and navigate the complexities of the modern workforce with confidence. 

Turn Employee Experience into Your Competitive Superpower 

Uncover key insights and strategies that will help you transform your organisation into a place where the best talent wants to work. 

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This report was compiled by Atlas in collaboration with key partners, including: 

  • Coursera 

  • Everest Group 

  • Mercer 

  • People Matters 

  • Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence 


  • 3Sixty Insights