Atlas vs. Indirect EOR vs. Payroll Services

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Published: 15 Aug 2023

Navigating the complexities of international workforce management is challenging. Understanding the key differences between Atlas' direct Employer of Record (EOR) model, the indirect EOR, and payroll services can help you make the best decision for your company. Let us compare these three service models.

Direct EOR with Atlas

What is it? 

Atlas owns entities in different countries and manages your global employees directly.

Benefits of Direct EOR with Atlas

  • Global Presence: Atlas has entities in over 160 countries that provide direct, local expertise and support.

  • Speedy, Consistent Service: As no third-party vendors are involved, service delivery is quicker and more consistent.

  • Complete Control: With Atlas, you have direct control over the workforce management of your employees via a single management platform.

  • Comprehensive Services: We handle everything from payroll and benefits to immigration and mobility needs.

  • 24/7 Support: Our dedicated account managers are always available to assist you and your employees, no third parties involved.

Indirect EOR

What is it?

Indirect EOR services work with third-party vendors in different countries to provide services.

Challenges of using an Indirect EOR

  • Third-Party Dependence: Services and employee experiences may vary based on the quality of local partners.

  • Delayed Responses: Queries might take longer to address due to dependence on third-party vendors.

  • Inconsistent Service: Service quality may differ from one country to another based on the local partner's capability.

Payroll Services

What is it?

They handle payroll processing but do not provide comprehensive global employee management services.

Challenges of using Payroll Services for Global Workforce Management

  • Limited Services: Payroll Service Providers only manage your payroll, leaving you to handle other HR tasks.

  • No Legal Coverage: Unlike Employer of Record services, these providers do not serve as the legal employer of your international employees.

  • Lack of Local Expertise: They may not have the necessary local expertise or presence in all the countries where you have employees.

Atlas Direct EOR Indirect EOR Payroll Services
Global PresenceEntities in 160+ countries, providing direct local support and expertise.Dependence on third-party vendors in different countries.Limited global presence and lack of local expertise.
ServicesComprehensive HR services: payroll, benefits, vacation/PTO management, business expense management, immigration, and mobility needs.Services vary based on local partner capabilities. Mainly limited to payroll and basic HR tasks.Limited to payroll processing.
Response TimeFast and consistent responses due to direct control.Responses may be delayed due to third-party vendor involvement.Response times can vary, and more complex HR queries may not be addressed.
Control and ConsistencyDirect control over workforce management. Consistent service across all countries.Inconsistent service due to reliance on different third-party vendors.Limited control and consistency, as services are confined to payroll processing.
Employee ExperienceBest-in-class employee experience due to direct interaction and understanding of local norms and requirements.Employee experience can vary based on local partners' service quality.Limited interaction with employees; employee experience may be impacted.
Legal EmployerActs as the legal employer in the country of operation, handling all compliance requirements.Legal employer status depends on the agreement with third-party vendors.Does not serve as the legal employer of your international employees.
4/7 SupportDedicated account managers provide global 24/7 employee support.Support depends on the capabilities and availability of local partners.Support is often not directly available to employees.

Atlas takes pride in being a Direct EOR with a strong presence in 160+ countries. We offer best-in-class service, comprehensive support, and a one-stop solution for all your global workforce management needs.

Why Choose Less When You Can Have More with Atlas?

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