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Clean Air Fund’s International Aspirations Soar with Atlas’ Help

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Published: 14 Nov 2023

Industry: Environmental advocacy 

Office: London, UK 

Global Employees: 60  

Key Benefits of Working with Atlas 

  • Global expansion 

  • Attentive support 

  • Strategic guidance 

  • Swift time to market 


Clean Air Fund is a global philanthropic organisation that works with governments, campaigners, researchers, funders and businesses to create a world where everyone breathes clean air. This mission thrives thanks to the support of its funders, including Bloomberg Philanthropies and the IKEA Foundation.  

Working in partnership with organisations across the globe, the Clean Air Fund promotes air quality data, builds public demand for clean air and drives action to secure clean air for everyone.  


Clean Air Fund faced a significant HR challenge due to their organisation's size and plan to develop a global team. They urgently needed to set up operations in several countries, including South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and Belgium. However, the conventional solution of establishing their own entities in each new country was cost ineffective and time consuming.  

The need for a rapid solution and efficient resource allocation drove Clean Air Fund to explore Employer of Record (EOR) options. Ultimately, Atlas was chosen for its global reach,  commitment to service quality and also due to a strong endorsement from a trusted fellow NGO. 

“Due to the size of our organization and the increasing global scale of what we did, we needed to have a presence in multiple countries quite quickly. The time and cost-benefit of setting up in those countries by ourselves didn’t make sense.” 

“Atlas’ reputation in the market was a big driver. An NGO we trusted recommended Atlas’ services whilst considering other providers in the run-up to our decision. That, as well as the breadth of countries Atlas covers was a key factor.”   

Anita Dankyi, HR manager 
Clean Air Fund 

Working with Atlas  

In partnering with Atlas, Clean Air Fund accessed a potent global hiring solution tailored to address their needs. With extensive industry experience, Atlas ensured a streamlined and fully compliant process.  

For over a year now, Atlas' distinguished network of seasoned experts have played a vital role in offering the Clean Air Fund personalized counsel and support during their ambitious international expansion.  


Clean Air Fund’s collaboration with Atlas has proven critical in their international growth and efficiency. They have successfully leveraged Atlas' extensive global presence and expertise to rapidly expand into new countries, saving valuable time and resources that can be used to better tackle air pollution.