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A Top African Fintech Consolidates Its International Operations Under One EOR Provider

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Published: 25 Mar 2024

Industry: Fintech  

Offices: Nigeria; USA; London, UK 

Global Employees: 1,000+ 

Key Benefits of Working with Atlas 

  • EOR Provider Consolidation 

  • People Ops Streamlining 

  • International Compliance 

  • Swift Expansion 


Moniepoint is a global payments and banking platform, born in Nigeria and with offices in the USA and UK. It provides an all-in-one payments, banking and operations platform for over 1.5 million businesses and their customers, helping small and medium businesses access payments, credits, finance and banking services to help them grow and scale faster.  

With over 200 million API calls per minute, 17 million payments processed daily, and $14 billion of total payment volume handled monthly, Moniepoint was named as Africa’s second fastest growing company in 2023 by the Financial Times. It had employees in four countries and wanted to quickly hire more great talent in several other countries. 


Initially operating in just a few countries, Moniepoint faced a critical challenge in expanding its international footprint: the lack of a reliable Employer of Record (EOR) partner for hiring across borders compliantly. Previous providers all fell short of expectations, unable to provide proper country coverage without intermediaries. As a consequence, Moniepoint lost out on the opportunity to hire the best talent due to potential compliance concerns.  

To solve these issues, Moniepoint sought an alternative EOR partner, focusing on efficiency, ample country coverage, and complete trust in their compliance credentials as the must-haves for their partner.

We did have two partners in the past who didn't offer us everything that we needed. We had to start looking for another one and we ended up with Atlas - Omobolanle Winnifred Ola, HR Business Partner Moniepoint 

Working with Atlas  

Started operations in 8 new countries

Moniepoint chose Atlas as its new EOR partner to help them overcome the hurdles that previously impeded their international expansion plans.  

Atlas has been a catalyst for Moniepoint’s international ambitions. Unlike the previous partners that were limited by their indirect EOR models and fragmented capabilities, Atlas provided a centralised solution for Moniepoint with direct entities in over 160 countries, aligning perfectly with the company’s international expansion plans.  

Atlas’ direct EOR model enabled the company to streamline and consolidate their international people operations under one single provider. Speed to market, efficiency, and risk mitigation ensured a secure framework for Moniepoint’s expansion across diverse markets.

Pre-Atlas, we've had a situation where a candidate dropped off because we didn't have an entity in the country where they were in - Omobolanle Winnifred Ola, HR Business Partner Moniepoint 


In the space of three months, Moniepoint seamlessly and compliantly expanded its team across eight countries with Atlas, converting contractors and making new hires. This rapid global expansion signifies more than numerical triumph — it marks a strategic transformation in the company’s operational capabilities.  

In the space of three to four months that we've been working with Atlas, we have been able to hire employees in eight more countries - Omobolanle Winnifred Ola, HR Business Partner Moniepoint 

Moniepoint now possesses the agility to swiftly enter new markets and onboard top-tier talent globally, all while mitigating risks and reinforcing its position as a dynamic player in the ever-evolving fintech landscape. 

Atlas has entities in 160+ countries.

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