Doing Good and Feeling Good for Global Volunteer Month

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Published: 19 Apr 2024

In last year’s inaugural ESG Report, Atlas laid out our three-pronged approach to volunteerism as a socially responsible company: global, regional, and individual. This year, under the scope of our wellness initiatives, we’ve launched our Doing Good Program to further support and strengthen efforts aimed at empowering employees to engage in volunteerism. 

Backed by a policy that provides designated time-off for individual choice volunteering, the Doing Good program also includes incentive for our impact communities to create regional activities where employees can come together to volunteer in meaningful ways. Kicking off during Global Volunteer Month, and Earth Month, we are excited to see several regional groups coming together to support clean ups in their areas and others battling food inequity by volunteering at a food kitchen. 

Like many organizations, the challenge of coming together on a global scale while maintaining costs can be challenging. In areas where we naturally have teams coming together this year, like Sales Kick Off, volunteering activities have been built into those initiatives, and will continue to be where teams are meeting in person.  

But how do we solve bringing large groups together for the purposes of Doing Good while not interrupting operations and the needs of our customers? There are several different ways that we have been able to realize this as well. Organisations like Missing Maps offers a unique opportunity for remote volunteering. We can create our own mapping sessions where our teams can sign up for time zone specific mapping sessions that work for them with others across the company that they may not get an opportunity to work with often. 

By including Doing Good in our overall wellness program, we believe we are giving the right level of focus to volunteerism as well: Doing Good = Feeling Good. We know from the studies and what employees tell us directly, community involvement and giving back improves overall wellbeing from a social and mental health perspective, and many times a physical health aspect as well. And, by empowering our employee-led impact community groups to help plan our company-sponsored volunteering, the causes and activities will be those most important to our employees. That’s what our Atlas Story is all about.