For People, By People: The Next Evolution of the Atlas Brand

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Published: 01 Jul 2024

At the heart of Atlas are people. That’s why our new brand direction puts people at the core of everything we do. 

Being part of Atlas is being part of an exciting growth story.  

We are the original Employer of Record, pioneering and defining an entire industry over the past decade. We are a team of experts across everything from global mobility to payroll, from sales and marketing to operational support. We are a collection of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, crossing time zones and covering every corner of the world. 

Our clients come from a broad range of regions and industries, but they are all people — HR leaders, founders, entrepreneurs — that are seeking expert help and support with global people solutions. And at the heart of every query they have about expansion, compliance, mobility, or benefits is an employee — a person — that expects a great experience and appropriate support in their workplace.  

At the heart of everything that Atlas does are people, so it’s time for our brand to reflect that. 

For People, By People 

We’re proud to unveil our refreshed brand along with our new company strapline: For People, By People. 

Our exciting new strapline is the core element of our evolving brand identity because it encapsulates the human-led expertise that makes our service and our product so revolutionary, as well as our collective dedication to human-centric experiences for both our clients and their talent.  

The shakeup of our design, meanwhile, features lighter, gradient-rich visuals for a more approachable feel. Dynamic typography adds a human touch and a new photography style focused on natural light and people is all inspired by our new strapline, highlighting the authenticity and warmth of our brand and reflecting our mission to prioritize human connections and personal experiences in everything we do. 

Together, they both serve as a commitment to our clients and a reminder to ourselves that, in an era of increasing automation and decreasing human connection, empathetic and human-led experience is at the core of what we do.  

Rolling Out Our Refreshed Brand 

Over the past few months, the Atlas team has been busy developing the next phase of our brand. Now, we’re delighted to share them with the world. 

Our evolving brand is reflected across key touchpoints, including our new website, our LinkedIn presence, our latest edition of the Global Employer of Record Report, and our brand-new Global Salary Calculator and Employee Cost Calculator.  

In the coming months, stay tuned for more exciting developments as we roll them out, including more personal stories and human-led expertise. 

Atlas: For People, By People 

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