Global HR Compliance and Mobility: Highlights from Atlas and People Matters Webinar

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Published: 17 Jun 2024

Global business expansion brings challenges like navigating regulatory frameworks and managing a global workforce. Employer of Record (EOR) services have become crucial in handling currency conversions, tax laws, compliance, and payroll integration. 

People Matters and Atlas hosted a roundtable for HR leaders titled "Going Global: Navigating compliance and mobility challenges for cross-border success," featuring insights from Anung Anindita (Kimia Farma), Alexius Purwoto (Pertamina International EP), and Joseph Wong (Atlas). 

Digital Transformation and Workforce Management Trends 

Digital transformation is reshaping workforce management, aiding companies in expanding operations globally. During the webinar, Alexius Purwoto explained how the company aims to expand into twelve countries by using digital tools in administration and HR. Also, Anung Anindita focuses on skill development for better employee collaboration and communication. 

Challenges in Global Hiring 

Key challenges in global hiring mentioned by the speakers include: 

  • VISA Requirements: Countries like Singapore require hiring locals before issuing work permits. 

  • Data Privacy and Protection: Ensuring compliance with cross-border data laws is essential. 

  • Establishing Company Entities: Countries like the Philippines have restrictions on foreign ownership, requiring streamlined processes. 

  • Employee Mobility: Cultural and language barriers, along with relocation policies, complicate mobility. 

The discussion highlighted the complexity of adhering to local labor laws and the need for data-driven strategies. The unique cultural and legal landscapes in Southeast Asia need specific HR strategies. 

Leveraging Technology for Global Expansion 

Technology has improved global expansion efforts. Innovations like Predictive Analytics and AI enhance productivity tools and CRM systems. Atlas' Human Experience Management (HXM) platform provides a dashboard for managing global employees, offering access to employment data in real-time. These tools help companies make better hiring and management decisions. 

Emphasizing the Human Element 

Atlas employs experts, including HR professionals, employment lawyers, payroll specialists, and tax experts, across over 160 countries. Continuous upskilling on compliance ensures effectiveness and transparency, and cultural awareness training helps integrate diverse teams and improve collaboration.

The Future of HR Compliance Mobility Solutions 

HR Compliance Mobility Solutions have a promising future as companies seek cost-efficiency and productivity. Global mobility provides access to talent and cost optimization. Success depends on the right partnerships and execution, leveraging technology, and fostering a flexible mobility program. By adopting these strategies, companies can improve employee experience and achieve global success. 

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