How an EOR Can Help You to Create Great Remote Culture

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Published: 19 Jul 2023

In today’s remote world, hiring has never been easier – which also means retention of employees has grown significantly more challenging. As employers realise they are no longer limited to hiring from a local talent pool, many businesses are looking to expand their reach overseas. While global expansion provides a business with invaluable opportunities, success is only possible with skilled management of an overseas team. 

As a Direct Employer of Record (EOR), Atlas provides a local business entity in your target location, simplifying the process of paying and managing an overseas team by taking on all legal responsibility, and advising on compliance and local laws and regulations. Recently, Atlas partnered with MyPass Global and Agile Analytics to deliver a webinar on the future of the remote workplace and building remote team culture, presenting the following strategies on how to both acquire top talent, and retain them.

Understand the local market 

When it comes to hiring and retaining remote employees, it’s important to understand the local market for the roles you’re hiring for and set clear expectations with your hiring managers.

For example, remote employees may have different notice periods and start dates, this is something Atlas can advise your company on. Along with this, a Direct EOR helps to recognise local public holidays, as well as benefits that are offered by local employers. For example, in the Philippines, many local employers offer health insurance or internet service, which might not be common practice in Australia.

By advising on appealing, localised benefits, Atlas can help set you apart from other employers when approaching a country’s talent market.

Maintain remote communication

You should always maintain strong virtual communication within remote teams. Establishing operating rhythms and meeting points with tools such as video conferencing, management platforms, messaging apps and collaborative tools can help accomplish this. 

To help maintain remote employee connection and engagement, you might consider organising virtual team-building activities, suggesting communication tools and platforms, and facilitating knowledge-sharing sessions. Even holding informal check-ins with your remote employees can help ensure they feel included.

Offer flexible work

Flexible work arrangements are also a key consideration, such as offering compressed workweeks, or “work from anywhere in the world” policies for a set number of weeks per year. Flexible working arrangements require the entire team to be mindful of time differences for employees based around the globe and allow them to start at a reasonable time for their day. 

Atlas can assist in providing comprehensive remote work policies that address communication protocols, work hours, performance expectations, and data security guidelines. 

Provide virtual onboarding

New employees, particularly those working remotely, require a virtual onboarding experience that is comprehensive and welcoming. Make sure this process is well established, with videos available to explain onboarding. Additionally, it is invaluable to have someone available to talk to new recruits through the onboarding process should they have questions. This can include virtual meet-and-greets, online training modules, etc.

Benefits of a Direct EOR

Partnering with a Direct EOR such as Atlas simplifies the process of global expansion by providing a local business entity in your target location, eliminating the need for you to set up your own local entity. As a direct EOR, all local service delivery teams are Atlas’ own employees, unlike indirect EOR models who work with third or fourth party vendors that can easily complicate communications and processes. 

Atlas ensures compliance on your behalf and handles all legal responsibilities such as visas, immigration, and payroll, while you retain control over the day-to-day tasks in your business. With presence in 160+ countries and counting, Atlas can provide expert advice in an array of locations and assist in tailoring the most effective and supportive work environment for your remote team.

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