Understanding Funeral Grants in Sweden: Financial Assistance in Times of Loss

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Published: 28 May 2024

In Sweden, the statutory social insurance scheme provides crucial support for employees and their families, particularly in times of loss. If an employee passes away due to an occupational injury, their survivors are entitled to financial assistance to help cover funeral expenses and support their livelihood through annuities. 

What is Covered Under Funeral Grants? 

When an employee dies from an occupational injury, their survivors can access two primary types of financial support: 

  1. Funeral Grant (begravningshjälp): This grant helps cover the costs associated with the funeral. Currently, the amount provided for funeral assistance is 17,190 Swedish Krona (SEK). 

  2. Survivor's Annuity (efterlevandelivränta): This annuity is provided to the surviving spouse to help with ongoing financial support. The widow(er) receives a lump sum amounting to 30% of the base amount of the deceased person’s work income. 

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Additional Support from Municipalities 

In cases where the deceased’s estate lacks sufficient assets to cover funeral costs, additional assistance can be obtained from the municipality.  

Service Group Life Insurance 

If the employee had service group life insurance, this insurance might also cover funeral costs.  

Implications for Employers  

Employers in Sweden need to be aware of the statutory social insurance scheme and its implications, particularly regarding funeral grants and support for survivors in the event of an employee's death due to an occupational injury. Employers must ensure that they comply with the statutory requirements of the social insurance scheme.  

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