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Unlocking Global Talent: How Fuse Universal Partnered with Atlas for Success

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Atlas Team

Atlas helps innovative companies like yours to expand, onboard, manage and pay international teams in 160+ countries.

Published: 15 Nov 2023

Industry: E-learningsoftware development 

Offices: London, UK; USA; India; Singapore  

Global Employees: 120

Key customer benefits  

  • Global hiring 

  • Remote working 

  • Larger talent pool 

  • Quick and compliant   


Fuse Universal solves the problem of capturing and digitizing the tacit knowledge of experts in organizations and making that knowledge universally accessible. Founded in 2008 as a charitable foundation, it quickly expanded into the enterprise market as there was an opportunity and need to create learning content that captured knowledge of subject-matter experts and top performers.  

Thanks to a peer-to-peer approach, Fuse Universal has created a learning management platform that helps employees access knowledge, increase performance and client NPS. With the addition of AI, Fuse Universal has taken tacit and explicit knowledge in an organisation and brought it all together into one corporate brain. 


As a remote business, Fuse Universal was restricted in its recruiting efforts by international borders and boundaries. Their imperative was unequivocal: securing access to the world's best talent without limitations.  

To progress, Fuse Universal would have had to establish entities in multiple regions and countries, a complex endeavor involving intricate management of local taxes, labor laws, and precise payroll. Atlas is an established provider with a proven track record and as a business running since 2015, is  the perfect partner to fuel their global aspirations. 

“The biggest benefits of working with Atlas is that we can hire candidates remotely on a global scale. The hiring process is very smooth. We can hire them quite quickly and, of course, they are hired compliantly as well”.  

Florence Carter, VP of People and Culture 
Fuse Universal 

Working with Atlas  

Atlas promptly provided Fuse Universal with a robust and legally sound global hiring solution, precisely tailored to meet their pressing requirements. Our meticulous procedures, honed through years of experience since our establishment in 2015, ensured a streamlined and compliant process. 

What truly set Atlas apart was our vast network of seasoned advisors. These experts became an invaluable resource for Fuse Universal, offering tailored guidance and unwavering support as they embarked on their ambitious global hiring endeavor. It was a partnership built on trust and expertise. 


Fuse Universal saw in Atlas a partner they can confidently rely on. Speed to market has been an essential part of the collaboration, accelerating the rate at which projects and teams can be deployed. Atlas manages payments for payroll taxes, social contributions, and other government fees, ensuring compliance with all mandatory local benefits, such as health insurance and pensions. 

While Atlas takes the responsibility and liability as a legal employer to ensure compliance with local employment regulations, Fuse Universal can focus on growing their business by getting the right people in the right places.  

“From a recruitment perspective, it means that there is talent around the world that you can only really tap into if you are a remote business. The fact that we are remote, means that there are talented people based globally. It's given us the opportunity to tap into so much talent around the world, at your very fingertips.”   

Sinead Vidler, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Fuse Universal