Helping You to Compete With Market Leaders

Go head-to-head with the world’s biggest companies

If you want to compete with the biggest players in your sector, global expansion will be a crucial part of your strategy. Atlas helps you to close the competitive gap by hiring people on the ground anywhere in the world, for just a fraction of the cost.

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Global operations without setting up local entities

With Atlas as your Employer of Record (EOR), we hire – and handle all HR responsibilities for – the people who work for you. This can save you up to 85% of the cost of setting up a local entity in a new country yourself, not to mention all the hours you’d spend navigating local employment laws and legislation.

Just find the people you want to hire and we’ll do the rest.

Simplified & Cost-Efficient 

As a CFO, handling budgets and hiring costs is your expertise. But when expanding internationally, it gets complex. Atlas simplifies it all – providing detailed info on international hiring costs and compliance. With Atlas, you can confidently manage expenses and stay competitive. 

Strategic support with those tentative first steps abroad

Atlas employs consultants at the local level in over 160 countries to help you get set up and stay compliant.

Our consulting services are also available as an on-demand service.

Compete globally on employee benefits

When you partner with Atlas, you can use our scale to your advantage.

As one of the world’s largest direct Employers of Record (EOR), we can offer your employees all the global benefits of a Fortune 500 company, including medical, dental, optical, life, and travel insurance benefits.

We can also deliver added local benefits depending on the location of your employees, including work equipment, private pension plans, allowances, medical exams, RSU/stock option payroll, and tax administration.

This is just another way that we help you offer a world-class employee experience as you begin your global expansion journey.

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How Atlas helps you scale your operations

  • We get you on the ground faster.

    Expanding your business into new countries means a lot of time wasted on dealing with the red tape. With Atlas and our established network of entities, you can get set up in a new country in as little as two weeks.

  • Full compliance wherever you grow

    Eliminate complex, expensive third parties, vendors, and in-country partners through the Direct EOR model.

  • Entrepreneurialism unleashed

    When global ambition meets worldwide hiring power, innovation is put front and center of your growth plans. Let Atlas handle your onboarding, management, and compliance, while you focus on your business.

  • Cultural & language considerations

    We believe in global reach with a local focus. Our team of local experts ensure that your employees enjoy a world-class working experience, covering more than 160 countries and 90 languages.